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old c9 today
In 100% bro
faceit ban
Then they are not boosting
Prove it!
Faceit level 7
Wow, didn't check your userid :O Damn
Faceit level 7
I think the problem with 1.6 is that there were a lot more casual players(%), now we have a lot of platforms to play on and compare rankings and stuff. A lot of 1.6 players are getting too old for GO ...
Faceit level 7
Nah, I don't judge people by their nationality. Skill-transfer from game to game is a controversial topic anyways, OP didn't mention the level he played at in 1.6 too (pretty important).
Faceit level 7
True, if you would compare their communication & mindset/attitude then there would be noticeable differences.
Faceit level 7
Having level 10 isn't anything special even for people who can't aim well. He wasn't 33 5 years ago when the skill transfer happened.
Faceit level 7
I haven't watched 1.6, but i know that, for example, SpawN is famous from 1.6, now he has almost 5k hours in CS:GO and only 2.4k elo in FACEIT.
Faceit level 7
From many examples I've seen personally, 9 out of 10 1.6 players will be stuck in low elo.
Faceit level 7
I said that it doesn't REALLY count, didn't say that it's the case for everyone. MOST of the people with +3k hours in 1.6 can't really adapt to CS:GO's mechanics/feel, so I'd say that having 1.1k hrs ...
Faceit level 7
Don't be a role player (AWPer) in PUG, try not to soloQ if possible, and play a lot of DMs/executes as you're quite inexperienced (1.1k hrs, 1.6 hours don't really count).
I changed my mind about classical music
making money online
Both joined HLTV at a similar time and one is calling the other a hltv rookie. And the pure aggression from the other user while you're just asking for info. Damn Anyways, I would recommend you to lo...
TenZ aimkey fail
Alright, let me rephrase. Is he using aim key when he's flicking to pre-aim spots where nobody is? Edit: Because that would be a great way for lazy cheaters to touch their mouse as less as possible....