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s1mple should the primary deagler for the team. He doesn't need an AWP. No Kappa.
Your 3 Favourite players
Rickeh SPUNJ James
New M4a1-s not that bad?
^ The damage/ armor penetration according to slothsquadron, hasn't even be changed yet. It's honestly now just down to preference rather that with one is better. The a4 is for people who have good sp...
I don't even see why people are make such a big deal out of it. The M4A1-S is completely fine, the ROF is just weird.
CLG/Liquid Shuffle
Being the same core in CLG's case is a good thing for them. For them they can only get better, by not overpeeking, or taking unecessary aim duels. CLG almost had the same chance to get a legends spot ...
azk biggest wasted talent?
At least he's doing something and trying to win stuff instead of some of swag being just stream and stuff. I reckon steel is more beneficial since the tutorials and WTF is.... videos actually teach p...
your gear
MOUSE: Logitech G400S KEYBOARD: Logitech G710+ MOUSEPAD: Steelseries QcK+ HEADSET: Logitech G430 MONITOR: BenQ XL2411Z @144hz
VoX Eminor vs Qlimax
Come follow this awesome streamer from Aus :D would love to see more viewers!
Best possible NA-team
Maybe they can combine Semphis and adreN, and then which ever team they become, they will actually have a home map which is cache, since adreN has a lot of experience on the map. But hey, don't take m...
Only Cloud9 Topic
I laughed so hard at that. :S
Your Best Possible Team in CS:GO
[BOLD][ITALIC]Mix Teams[/ITALIC][/BOLD] AZR-AU-Entry Skadoodle-US-AWP Happy-FRA-IGL Krimz-SWE-Support Nitro-US-Fragger OR Rickeh-AU-AWP Pronax-SWE-IGL Hiko-US-Lurk Shox-FRA-SecAWP/Rifler...
CLG - Fnatic
CLG D2 gods, Inferno weak and Cache too. Fnatic Ez, they will ban d2 first.
C9 Funeral
Fallen is a man of his word :P RIP C9
C9 Funeral
[*] RIP C9. CLG best :P
16-4 BRAZIL!
Same here, I have a feeling KabuM needs more exposure and with this MLGa tournament, I reckon this the start of it.