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PENTA vs E-frag.net
I mean alot of pro players in the lower tiers are like that. Even some of the best pro players are like that. They are just better at home where everything is as usual.
PENTA vs E-frag.net
He did show up on a few of the matches at the European minor.
[Giveaway] 4 AWP Asiimov FT
http://steamcommunity.com/id/Tradingskinsforvirus/ I guess ill participate even though my luck sucks xD. Good luck to everyone and thank you for the giveaway Wankish :)
LDLC White vs ENCE
Oh man if only LDLC had won a pistol. Well played anyway.
EZ for Rapand
Planetkey vs Revival
the problem is tons of people dont give a fuck if they cheat or not. Especially those who just bet on them all matches and earn a ton :/
DenDD vs PixelFire
Yea this lan has been so wierd. Usually we see chokes like that but fcking 5 in 2 days :D?
DenDD vs PixelFire
Not only those also LDLC white and Lemondogs lost from big least. Such choke much PGL w0w
Lemondogs vs DenDD
Isnt he standing behind this right now??
Damn i was impressed of CG at this Minor but now theyre just disappointing because of those chokes :/
FlipSid3 vs Nostalgie
sad but true
FlipSid3 vs Nostalgie
Typical danish choke :( please god save us from these chokes :(
2016 csgo lol
np :)
2016 csgo lol
spyleader from E-Frag made a post about Valve not wanting to help dream3r with his vac issue and he said if it was because it was because they were from Bulgaria because Valve earlier helped a french ...
Strange Hit Reg
true :P