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I'm a simple guy. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.
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Political compass test
Ty mate, gn
Political compass test
Can you list some of those questions, since you say there's been so many of them. In several cases I wasn't sure what to pick (light "yes" or light "no") due to many caveats which weighted similarly,...
Political compass test
Pick "yes" or "no" when you can think of caveats (for example see #118) or just not 100% sure. "Strongly" options are more radicalized versions of yes and no: when there's no doubt in your mind and no...
Political compass test
"Freer market" as in, less regulations, less control from the government. An opposite to free market or "market economy" is "planned economy" (how USSR strived to operate). In simple terms, in planne...
fifa 19
Broken mechanics ever since new engine (fifa 17). EA ruined the series, unfortunately
Political compass test
If there's only one option in your mind, you should pick it and not look back. If you're interested in how a different perspective is even possible, feel free to ask, but add an "obvious" answer plea...
Political compass test
It is about your thoughts, your perspective. A perspective on "are rich taxed too much" question is do you agree with the current distribution of wealth, and should the government have any say in it (...
Political compass test
like so?
Political compass test same result as a person above (#46)
What inspires you?
My friend
tell me your goal in life
Haven't figured out. Right now just evolve in my craft and see where it goes
short girl or tall girl?
But why, we can use decimals or fractions in any system to achieve a required level of precision. The difference between systems is a gauge/step (what is an ideal "1" of something) and sometimes a poi...
short girl or tall girl?
Aircraft designers operate with inches and pounds, afaik. Dunno about other fields. Upd. According to some article (citing but I can't find the original) about 30% of US pro...
I rate your personality
Your age: 26 Your height: 191 Your favorite song: RHCP - Snow Your favorite game: GTA San Andreas Your favorite musician/singer: Green Day Your favorite game character: Tommy Vercetti Your dream job: ...