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NiKo > s1mple
the s1mple truth my friend, as much as i admire his skills , his attitude is not that great, unless his team is winning then its fine
NiKo > s1mple
niko can igl, s1mple can flame, tilt and bait his teammates... who is better?
NIKO TOP1 2018
if faze goes further into the major than navi , niko will be #1 if not - s1mple
bot niko
if c9 lose this
https://clips.twitch.tv/UninterestedChillyGoldfishDancingBanana when you have that anoying teammate
Cloud 9
if c9 lose to winstrike they should just drop the whole roster and rebuild
NIPs draws Top 5 on major in arow
this system is utter bullshit , bo1 are very bad , even if they are 3 bo1, the chance of a team winning on a fluke is too big and when 2-3 top teams go 0-1 and they meet eachother in a bo1 it gets ugl...
NIPs draws Top 5 on major in arow
navi will probably lose, people are not seeing NIPs true potential
NIPs draws Top 5 on major in arow
NiP are very underrated right now, they are stronger than most people think, i think liquid have a great shot at winning the major
oh apparently its only for round 4 and after so it will be random tomorrow
not a 50/50 , its certain that mouz will play winstrike and faze-c9 the system is based on the rounds won by teams , faze and c9 are on -15 winstrike -19 mouz -14 max since they got 5 on dust2 vs mib...
based on the system mouz will play winstrike and faze-c9 , just look at the rounds
rip faze
they cant play vs mouz cuz of the system... mouz will play winstrike , faze-c9
twitch down?
VIETNAM STREAM IS WORKING , only problem is the guy there is yelling his ass off
Yxo7 about Draken
top banter from the CIS analysts this guy has no mercy