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Russian Estonian who lives in UK.
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Do Japanese people like Non Japanese?
Yeah, I was editing my post right when you replied. I back your reply up.
Do Japanese people like Non Japanese?
Been watching a russian blogger who lives in Japan. He mainly talks to chicks. He's tall (190 cm), I'd say, handsome and speaks fluent Japanese. They do really seem to like him as he's more open and b...
Ask the Embassy.
No, man. Regular citizens won't let it happen. What you've said is the declaration of war. It's not as easy as bombing ISIS in Libya and Syria.
Dude, lmao, do you really think we will enter your conflict? That's not going to happen.
UK Bans porn under age of 18
We can go and knock on the door If you want to.
FFS I've been watching it for 2 hours.
A4 VS A1
Been using A1 all the time. I'm a realist, I don't think that on my current level the A4 could've provided me with sufficient edge over my opponents as well as taking into consideration my playstyle a...
Notre Dame!!
As I wrote before, they have either german or turkish flags. Probably playing with friends who moved.
Notre Dame!!
If you kept your turkish flag and have GE then it's a possibility, though, I don't remember them having low ping.
Notre Dame!!
I must admit I was like him before I moved to UK from Estonia. He doesn't understand anything at all.
Notre Dame!!
Oh stfu. I queue on Luxembourg servers and get to play with turks. Those are turks who live in Germany and their friends from Turkey.
Finland happiest country again
Same thing in Eesti. That's what I hate about UK, people can't just keep their mouth shut.
Why UK is the Best Country in the World
When you come up to certain brits and ask them what it is to be a brit, what the british culture is you'll get a very disappointing answer or no answer at all. Isn't it worrying?
100 euros if you fix my csgo issue.
Link your Steam account.