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Russian speaking Estonian who lives in UK.
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Your opinion on Kazakhstan
Your case is different and you know it.
Your opinion on Kazakhstan
Honest answer? Couldn't care less. Anyways, seems like not everything is ok there as renaming the capital after the president seems tyrannic.
Gender and sex
You can see it in my profile, can't you?
Gender and sex
Smart people call that mental illness and mutation.
Greta Thundberg and Climate Change
Does she have a degree in a relevant field? No? ---> fuck off
Countries that are likely to lose territory in the future
Would be great If you could provide reasoning for each one to fuel discussion. Is it somehow related to this?
I'd say that round difference is definitely a factor, not sure about mvps and k/d.
best car brand
Read the topic name again, it's not "the most reliable cost to value car brand".
Netherlands is f*cked
Winter jacket.
Sure thing, though, I took his flag into consideration.
Winter jacket.
Dafuq, 250 is a regular price for a winter jacket. I would understand you If they've listed £1000 Canada Goose.
best car brand
Definitely the best car brand. I guess you misunderstood me and had thoughts about off-roading which I didn't imply.
best car brand
All rounder? Mercedes.
Imagine being that autistic to talk to each other outside of HLTV to post spam. Not the first time though.
which car to get?
Tell me when you find a good £75k car, so that it could be my margin I should start from. My parents told me I have £150k budget.