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faceit elo hell
it's not like you're carrying hard, you barely topfrag every game so fucking STEP IT UP SON!
best tv series?
GoT Black Sails Suits Billions Oz Breaking Bad House of Cards And my favourite of them all... ENTOURAGE
JW hate
fnatic vs mousesports
OT rekt sincerely panatic.
fnatic vs mousesports
wentON activated
fnatic vs mousesports
dennisbeast in form and yey dauble jew aswell. ez wenton I want Igor Macko's knife. iz out bai.
Portvakterna vs KAPOW
I love Kreaz, besterest playor <3 Kreaz if you see this, sign me profile pls <3 :*
KennyS Joins G2
2014 isnt the entire csgo era.
KennyS Joins G2
flusha, he got best major stats. and more winnings, 2012-13 doesnt count, that was the least competetive csgo era.
KennyS Joins G2
Flusha have been considered the best player since CS:GO began, always best at Majors, also the best clutcher world. ask a player or a known caster/analyst and they all will agree that Flusha is the be...
KennyS Joins G2
KennyS need to prove more to be considered top 5 best in CS:GO, to few winnings to back it up. to name a few. Flusha f0rest GTR Olof Shox Guardian
NiP is back to their dominant form like 2012 and 2013
I wanna see a steady flow of top4's atleast before we jump the gun and start praising them. But I do agree THREAT have done a good job so far. Still dont believe them to be a steady top 4 team for 201...
allu back to NiP?
JW is barely the primary awper, he wrote on twitter some time ago that he is adjusting to not being primary awp and the rifle skills is on its way back.
AK Aquamarine Revenge Name ?
SNAX '16
Sad for VP that it actually looks like it was a Snax we wont see again, atleast not consistently. Will be a rough year for the poles with Astralis, Fnatic, nV and LG all being very good this year.