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100 Thieves vs ENCE
ENCE going firmly towards their goals which sunny set earlier! Winning 10 tournaments with this lineup. They can do it easily when they start to attend same tourneys as other Tier 5 teams.
Well they have money but they are wise with it, thus they didnt buy aleksib. but i think their limit on paying for players is a lot more higher than the limit for a amateur team HAVU
yea if OG didnt have the money to buy aleksib do you think HAVU has? ENCE is my least favorite team due to basically taking aleksib as a hostage
180cm acceptable?
very good height, the best height
Valve being obsessed over vertigo
D2 didnt change at all?
flusha cheated at some point
Shoxs' clips are all after he realized flusha was cheating so it is pretty obvious he decided to cheat after he learned it's possible
NRG vs Astralis
Lol it was nowhere near "fluke" But yea they'll drop the ranks pretty quickly after aleksib is gone
ENCE vs Renegades
Nuke D2 and Mirage but 2-0 for ENCELADUS
ENCE vs Vitality
Shhh chill bro I watched the game and recalled that Nuke was a 16-9 No reason to get mad though I am from Finland but why would you cry about a flag when yours is obviously a fake one :D
ENCE vs Vitality
Can someone get double digits vs ENCE in this Major?
ENCE banning Train to play Inferno. Wtf?
ENCE vs Renegades
Thank you man! Have a great weekend!
ENCE vs Renegades
What is the format? Ence pics 3 and RNG bans 2? I dont get it
FIN-SVK game
wydm 3/5?
if CS was 6 man game
ENCE +suNny