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ENCE vs Vega Squadron
This looked like global MM 😂😂
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
Yea and 2x 2v4 with map control. Rip
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
Ence playing really really bad. #ENChokE
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
So any predictions for the maps? I have no clue about NRGs map pool. Will be interesting to see if ENCE are willing to play Cache or not. Will be interesting Veto.
OpTic vs ENCE
People keep saying that ENCE aint good but tbf their teamplay is really good. They just need to learn how to communicate when they are being pressured. Other than that, they are amazing at trading kil...
Hmm, Minor, Dreamhack Montreal
ENCE vs Imperial
Just as easy as you would expect. Nice job Ence. Top4 here is reasonable to expect
Got a Tinder match
sex app for bois
“Free” University
I think like 0,7% of all of the taxes in Finland goes to universities. After my graduation my bruttosalary should be somewhere near 80k a year. From that I roughly pay 40-43 percent taxes which means...
University help
So do I get this right? You started in a technical university but you hate maths? LOL
Yea well 31hours/2weeks and it's your job.... roughly 3 hours a day playing CS So wtf are ENCE even doing, they aren't training for 5-6hours a day?
ENCE vs Royal Bandits
1:14 x2 #NeverForget
Tricked vs ENCE
ence players playing like 30h/2weeks, no way they'll win any real teams. Tricked isnt a real team tho
Nah idgaf about the autotune, i feel like rap devil went deeper into a personal things like EM calling to diddy & jimmy to talk to MGK as well as EM blackballing MGK and not letting him to Shade 45. ...