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The end of BR scene
G2 vs mousesports
Sunny is a fucking beast
FInland people
sergej is 15. wouldnt call him a failure yet. Allu is nowhere near a failure, he has played in 2(?) major finals, won one big tournament and had good success in FaZe with 1.15 rating (notably good!). ...
r8 Juliano's butt
Where did I say "below average in female scene"? There should not be any "female scene" in CSGO to begin with. If juliano was male no one would know who (s)he is.
r8 Juliano's butt
If only her CSGO skills would matter no one would know who she is. She is below average tier4 player so...
Shroud about PUBG
How can you fix an RNG-feature which is basically the idea of the game :D
Erasmus city choice
Going to Rennes, should be cool
Finnish scene
Still Magisk, HS & Mixwell are being ranked way above than allu, silly :Z
shox busted
All of your arguments are demoted by one man. Lance Amstrong. He had literally EVERYTHING on the line, yet he cheated so badly, and eventually admitted it. Same goes for multiple olympic winners, if...
Finnish scene
allu was optics top2 player ranking wise, how is that not a t1 performance?
BIG +allu +hs
You have no clue obviously, allu has always performed with rifles as well, he has great gamesense and picks only good fights. Allu is way better than HS or STYKO
BIG +allu +hs
-STYKO +allu, let allu play rifle in STYKOs role, he can help IGLing too and can awp if Oskar is having an off-day
Pros that cheat
explain shox on dd2 and cache please
NA Hockey pathetic?
Like 4 out of those 6 were 100% penalties. Stop crying your u20 team sucks and always has