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8-5 win
guys, please... xD
Netherlands vs France
ik vrees dat ze kletsen gaan krijgen
GTR Interview Odd?
Maybe it wasn't obvious in the post I did, but I agree actually.
Nip Roster Changes
I'd say the team as individuals are fine but that they have to step up or increase their game as a whole team, or team-like or how you can call it. I just read about the "outdated playstyle" and I agr...
GTR Interview Odd?
I think he didn't mean it like that, it was more like that he did spent some time of his life on this game but didn't mean it in a negative way, more like a confirming way if that's a thing (english i...
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not sure if
LowLandLions vs LowLandLions 1.6
the 1.6 boys have more skill, but as the game is played on cs go, the win will go to the other boys, tho the skilled of them all might be chrisj even so ;)
HUD deathnotice
yeah I read it somewhere else and already have it (and used it) now :)
Some CW Maps
mill is tuscan strike is mirage fire idd with improvements could be a nice addition, cuz forge aint played anymore, some tournaments don't even have them anymore in their map pool
hltv.org sk fanboys??
ow wait...
hltv.org sk fanboys??
Hey, I just met you and this is crazy... here's their forum, so flame them maybe?
What is better?
me or you?
Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong
why didn't you ask him at copenhagen games?
Na'Vi OUT!
isn't anyone else thinking wikipediots is favourite of a final spot after winning from lemondogs who aren't bad online either, I go for fnatic vs wikipediots final