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If they're dried I'd reccomend an 8th (3.5gs). I've taken acid and shrooms and acid was definitely more powerful, but Shrooms just gave me such an overwhelming feeling of joy.
Hades and desi...
Yeah I felt bad for hades when he got mutinied from ronin5 (at least i think it was ronin5), but being cut from every team he plays for including tempo storm does not give him the best record. I'd lik...
Coast vs Splyce
If the big O can keep his fade up the whole game its an easy win for FE
-smn +villiG
thanks I was curious what his next move was
-smn +villiG
-rep no cLy edit: or fodder
Hiko's 'super' team
-skadoodle is a HUGE difference from the super team. IMO an awper solves all of liquids problems. adreN could actually focus on IGL, nitr0 could quit trying to pick up the fucking awp, and theyd actua...
Some good shit where i'm from (midwest US) 3 6 mafia to start out with try: stay fly, sippin on some syrup, roll with it, chargin these hoes Freddie gibbs: check out Pinata, Baby face killer, an...
god would also work
- flowsick + hiko
nah i just think censorship is stupid
- flowsick + hiko
the reason they canceled it was fucking stupid like the mayor had never even listened to chief keef. i live in indiana and thats about what i'd figure this place is backwards as fuck (unless youre in ...
Liquid role changes
I always thought hades was a solid igl just with a bad attitude. under a big org such as liquid they might be able to keep him calm with a nice salary (see shazam for c9.). nitr0 needs to suck it up a...
fetty wap
out of everything released, in such a stacked year for hiphop with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, a$ap rocky, Lupe fiasco, vince staples, Drake, joey bada$$, lil wayne, Earl sweatshirt, action bronso...
at least moses did it when he closed out the interview haha :D