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Favorite 2020 song
Maybe new album of Simon Postford
top 20 2020
not so many furia players in top 20, smurfing against NA half the year counts almost nothing
top 20 2020
nah too many "irrelevant" names there, more big tournament winners will come, not only by rating
rate kjaerbye play
rate your braincells
Why did NAVI lose to Vitality?
6v5 is useful in BO5. NaVi looked very tired in the end of match. Also, NaVi played from their homes, while Vitality played on lan together and hence being more hyped. Hype matters a lot.
I fix any team
Most likely yeah, but I think six men roster yesterday showed why it's a good thing. Besides Nivera being real talent, that allowed some players to rest and Vitality eventually win. Navi certainly loo...
I fix any team
very different languages... estonian is closer, in theory ropz could play in finnish team with some months of practice for example
I fix any team
keep both, use similar rotation than Vitality, it's the future as long as its allowed
I fix any team
Just one tournament in which he played okay, still being worst of team for 3 maps. But I would keep him since he has potential. flamie should go, he has got many chances to show what he can do. I al...
what to play?
Talos Principle
temperature in your city
5 °C right now at 11 am, quite warm compared to fact it's late November.
they pretty much did already lol
top 5 rifles
agreed, hence i listed guys who use rifle as main
top 5 rifles
NiKo electronic ropz KRiMZ dupreeh close: mir, shox, EliGE, XANTARES;, blameF, huNter, jks plus ofc ZywOo, s1mple, device