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everyone depressed!
This but they think not _)))
finns cringe
Back on business
Why is racism not allowed
Question is not why its not allowed, question is why non-racism things are racism nowadays.
Yeah but Hitler didnt care about color he hated jews. Bro ur mess
Come to Sweden
Yeah if you are not naive and blind you realize majority of planet is worse than horse shit and billions of humans live in worst possible scenario to live in.
Come to Sweden
I hear good stories from my relatives living close of Malmö, dont believe all these tourist bullshit "I went to Brazil and the country was looking just like USA" Yeah get your ass out of tourist shit...
Girl friend broke up with me
1 year? Its like you barely know each other
big dick
Thread shows it was made by virgin, lying is not accepted.
would u die for ur country?
Actually does, this was rare piece of good humor at this forum and sadly only 2 replies, because forum is filled with 12 years olds "your moM" jokes.
SIZE [18+]
Flag talks again.
ENCE future
Its funny none of professional "analytics" cant explain shit on video why aleksib removal, would be worse choise. ENCE was never tactically fucking amazing, actually quite simple team-playing. Call...
ENCE future
Hi welcome to Mc-Donalds, what would you like to order? This is your every day routine phrase, said by you, over 300 times.
How to peek fast ?
Ty for link
How to peek fast ? Many these plays are close to 300ms or even more. Perhaps not 350-500 but close anyways. Reaction-time = Reaction to something = Hearing step -> Your ears ...
How to peek fast ?
Nice beta answer having no clue that these things actually doesnt change shit. 240 hz + fibre internet ( 20 ms max lower ping ) Human reaction 350ms-500ms.