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Titan vs Natus Vincere
Odds are swayed by russians fans, but still based on past matches, NaVi is more likely to win. However, if kennyS and apEX are awake at the same time, they will rekt NaVi since RpK will probably tank...
Kinguin vs SK
Plus they speak the same language and being from the same country, they played many times together before. What's more Kinguin never had a month of training... Make it more like 15 days. The news ...
Kinguin vs SK
2 month? Make it more like 15 days. The news of the new Kinguin Lineup is there since 2015-05-05, Rain was officially transferred to Kinguin a day before that. I doubt they played much together before...
Kinguin vs SK
Clearly not because he was bottom fragger....
Kinguin vs SK
You have no idea how and when the hacker got his IP. When you have a fix IP address it's not that easy to protect yourself. Also, using a VPN isn't free and you can still be DDoS if the hacker find a ...
Kinguin vs SK
Kinguin vs SK
Maikelele is actually OK with riffle, but give them sometime to get to know how to play together. From what we saw and heard so far, I don't think Fox will be main awper, I think they are going to spl...
Thorin and analysis
You are the one shouting opinions out of your ass. There is no fact proving that TSM and VP are top 1 and 2. You make no sense whatsoever. Fnatic is most likely top 1. nV can arguably be 3rd, probably...
Wait where is Fox? Did I miss something? SK Gaming confirmed?
fnatic vs Envy
^This, plus ScreaM is a beast on Nuke and will probably want to make impression during that game given the fact he is currently teamless. Though isn't Happy gonna be the ingame leader? I guess it will...
fnatic vs Envy
Well guys open your eyes at the next Titan game. Even if kennyS is slightly not as good as before, it's not THAT much of a difference and SmithZz still doesn't compare with kennyS by far.
Orbit vs G2
Don't bet on this unless you really don't care then bet on underdog, half of both team are really sick, there is just no way to predict the result!
CPH Wolves vs Envy
If you don't know who to bet on this match you better stop betting anything...
Epsilon vs fnatic
pm is poireau maléfique, new recrue to the team and I believe Sf is actually the standin of the team, so Uzzzi should be playing and not Sf.
LDLC vs fnatic
Who is the stand in for NbK ? This is bad for LDLC...!