As you see on the picture and on the frontpage of hltv fanobet is not on the list of sites that will get shut down by Valve!

Sign through my ref link and enjoy your 1% cashback.

Fanobet also offers other games and sports to bet so your bets are not dependant on CS matches. They also transfer your skins into value which means that you can bet precisely acording to your bet %.

Lets keep on making easy skins now via fanobet!

You will get nice value from my cashback WIN or LOSE.


2017 Fanobet once again offers 25$ bonus, goodluck pahoggots.
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autism confirmed
Bang bang skit skit nigga!!!
If Fanobet/CSGOLounge shuts down.
Yeah that is why you need to register to fanobet ASAP via my ref link for your 1% of any bet
As you may noticed cslounge is on the list of the sites that Valve will shut down due to new bet policy they started. You may also noticeed that fanobet is not on the list if you want to keep on be...
Game with a price tag like that has no future. The thing about CS is that it is cheap as fuck and before you notice you are dropping your money on skins.
They can keep their 60€ TF2 clone that will die in few months.
Deep web
Deep web is part of the internet that is not indexed by google or any other search engine. The thing is that you can find everything on deep web from normal stuff like freshly pirated books, movies an...
Deep web
Last year they caught one of those
Deep web
You pretty much pay to be able to direct and see torture and murder of someone on stream. Those sites apperently exsist but it takes effort and "trust" from some people to be able to get close to it.
Aimlock. Who denies?
Just think about it moneywise if Valve wants to bust "pros". They may ban some tards like KQLY in the future but nothing big will happen.
DenDD vs Worst Players guess who is a bitch now :D
Battlefield 1 problem
Don't get overhyped by BF because this is stil EA. Expect bugged launch and premium.
MK vs CPH Wolves
ye as expected CPH will just throw map 2
COD 4 Remastered
Had my hopes up but then I saw that it will be bundled with new cod inf smt. I may buy it if they sell it separately from that new bullshit but tbh I don't expect much perhaps just a promod remake.
CPH Wolves vs AliGon
Hehe nice I kept trying but couldn't get single bet because odds just kept changing everytime I clicked confirm from like 10 to 6 to 4 to 2.