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Rip Steam
Wtf/ Never had this happen before
All these youtubers that make clips like this cheat flipgod zuhn etc
LOL @ using any sense that requires arm movement. I only use sens so I can aim with wrist and fingers. faster sens = faster reactions Moving shorter distance > Moving farther distance to en...
buying 2006-2007 steam accounts with good login name You're welcome. 14 year accounts 5,6, and 7 dig. Great seller and would recommend
buying 2006-2007 steam accounts with good login name
ebay? lol Can buy a 5 dig 14 year for 20 bucks
Cloud9 is on crack
Since c9 are at an all time low and are in stand in mode, why not make now the time to try out some young talent? Nobody expects anything out of c9 for a while so why not use this time to maybe try so...
Cloud9 is on crack
Understood and agree. Unfortunately even tier 2 and 3 NA teams still recycle old washed up players and dont even give young guys a shot. A good example that you speak of is Elige. He was on elevate I ...
Twitcher on crack
whats tongues are they speaking?
Cloud9 is on crack
At this point why not. If NA want to even have a top contender team they need to try and develop some of the young players we have.
Cloud9 is on crack
I think he deserves another chance. Echofox was a joke of a team and everyone concluded he was garbage even though the team never even had a chance. C9 right now need firepower after losing tarik and ...
Can confirm, I was comment
Cloud9 is on crack
C9 Roca C9 Docc best moves possible
M0e > Skadoodle atm
Trump is a stable genius. He was just trolling for Lolz.
14yo girl in cs
She's cute