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Polish president
Baste and Redpillduh
i dont use pills
I LOL when people get a flu and post like a bottle of Orange Juice and 4 different pills/medicine they plan to take . Pathetic. The human body is an amazing thing and let it do its work without assist...
Browser Extensions
No bother brother. Just trying to give people a lil ummmff if they need it. Http s is just encrypted connection to the website you are connected to. Most websites are http s default but some need to ...
Browser Extensions
Its better in every category. Dont be so lazy. Takes 10 seconds to search and download. If it blocks too many ads then remove it
Browser Extensions
I havent noticed much slowdown and the better browsing experience makes up for anything anyway. Try Ublock origin instead of adblocker. Works much better
I remember when Dazed would make fun of Twistz for having "csgo prodigy" in his profile. Look how things turned out
NAF always plays bad in important matches. Nothing new
Have you keybinded your nades?
Im so good I make it so I have to scroll to the right nade to actually give my opponents a chance
1000 fps
1000 fps
Not enough
Csgo has lost it's hype
Watching the same thing over and over again becomes stale and bland? Wow. This is something I would never imagine happening
Cool script
No problem. If you're looking for a VPN here are some good deals on Windscribe
Seem legit judging by his feedback. Just like cheap game codes on resell sites Id assume they were purchased with stolen credit cards in bulk
Eset is very good. Heres full version for 3 bucks