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Astralis vs Vitality
Best comm on hltv in the last 10 years.
london stream 4 the final ?
How is it luck to come back from 6-0 and loosing both pistols? The gun rounds dif was huge in favour of Astralis. THey are just the better team.
Astralis disband ??
So it's ok to say that Brazil is a part of American continent, there for America had the longest era in CS:GO, by this logic, NiP era and after that Fnatic era are just one, or when different Eu cs te...
Astralis vs Liquid
Liquid has a huge complex against Ast, they never won a bo3 against them i think, and even tho Ast are not at 100%, in a bo5 against Liquid, the danes have atleast 2 maps locked down, because Liquid h...
This band. Stew and turok will never win smth signifficant with mibr.
edward xd
vodka ftw bliaTT
FaZe vs Cloud9
If Karrigan doesn't fk the map veto, it should be a easy win for faze, maybe C9 could win a map. Anyway, props to C9 for the run, i didn;t thought they would make it so far, but this is Faze's final t...
G2 were a mess, and Faze r4pped them every time with this line-up, i don't think C9 took more than 9 rounds per map.
We will win this major
Talking about gypsy when your country is full of dark skin collored ppl. lul
We will win this major
When the Portuguese colonised your country, your ppl were still living in trees.
G2 vs C9 Comparison
Said the GOAT punker!
mousesports vs AVANGAR
wtf is this qikert really 19yo, in this pic he looks like 12
f#ck, marry and kill
If i would be locked in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and you, and i would have a gun with only 2 bullets, i would shoot u twice.