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German apology
isn't it racism if you call everybody a racist, even if it's not correct? :D btw many grandparents of people in all parts of germany immigrated from poland and other eastern countries as the war bega...
Liquid cheating
maybe you try to get a dick pic dude
Liquid cheating
Liquid cheating
Who did use cheats? I am on your side, but I want to know who looked suspicious for you?
dude, its anybodys own choice what he likes most...
fnx cheating?
There were many situations in which he was loggin in through walls and their retakes always curved around players he tagged through the wall. I think thats suspicious this clip isn't in my opinion..
+ ^∞
Global / Very technical about the game / 3k Hours AMA
Here you can change the path of your .cfg-files back to the old folder. Use option 2 and you will be happy :)
Using free cheats results in a instant ban in the most cases. Thank you VAC <3
if you bought yourself a cheat in addition there's no reason why this box shouldn't be shown :)
-Xizt +?? SO TRYHARD!
-Xizt +??
Now he is getting mad, boosted grill :D
-Xizt +??
HAHAHAHAHA fuck man, we ne a Porxit NOW! I bet you're even a bigger gay than CR7.
-Xizt +??
This betting kids losing their skins and call the best players low... Fuck this community...
-Xizt +??
Dude, who the fuck is toxic? You judge one of the most experienced CS players in the world and i definetly can't accept that from a Silver like you. That's not toxic, you're just stoooopid. Who are yo...