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Japaleno vs OpTic
Yeah it sucked. I couldn't get the game back for my stream either :(
Collegiate CS:GO team needs your help!
that's why all the pros drop out of university :D
Most boring major final ever?
You paid money to watch something that's free.
Predict EU excuses after this BO3
Tbh if Semmler hadn't pointed it out then nobody would be using this excuse
c9 drop n0thing
nitr0 over n0thing? Ha.
never understood why people cry about hackers in mm
Because Valve TOTALLY paid money out of their pockets for their own matchmaking and servers in previous versions of the game and nobody bought their own servers /s
MGE-DMG ranks
yeah Legendary Eagle and Global Elite /s
Best Of POVs
When I say Cajun, you say B! That's hilarious
CSGL is ruining CSGO
Okay now I'm just gonna go on those online betting sites that deal with real money. Surely nobody will DDoS with those! Surely steam-valued skins are worth more than people's real money! Thumbs up for...
nV fans please explain
Pita's someone who's trying to stay relevant. Lots of others have said to the same degree as Pita did during the whole ordeal but nobody calls them out anymore
m0e lost all his viewers ?
Did you even watch the game? Watch the VOD right now and tell me they were deliberately throwing. One of their players got DDoS'd from the start of the match and they had to play the entire thing. If ...
You can't say we're obeseland if your country has laws specifically for overweight people /rekt
Torqued VS Cloud9
C9 disband has been pretty much around after Hiko's inconsistency proceeding Cologne though. The team needs more than a tiny roster change to get somewhere
CS;GO Skins
No you're begging and it's fucking pathetic
Is this boost too OP ,dd2 B site
This was probably done way before that match but nice try