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Skyfire vs TRIDENT
I heard this JNR bloke is OCE last hope
So you never call cheats if you're not 100% sure, but your not 100% and calling cheats. yass
Australian CS:GO
Whats it like being stuck in CGo?
High sensitivity in CS:GO is advantage?
Different people adapt and play better at different sensitivities. Find whatever best suits you. Ultimately, if you can play on a high sensitivity and be just as accurate as someone using a low sensit...
steam year badge
Only explanation is that you made the account in december or late november so it actually hasn't been 5 years yet.
Best M4A4 Skin
Desert Storm and Howl. Also like the modern hunter.
My 9 minute tribute to Fifflaren
Great tribute mate
Fifflaren memorial topic: SIGN HERE
"<3 respect fiffy! thanks for everything!"
Australia has a large amount of cheaters. However I've never played MM in another country so who knows. I'm at LEM level and literally EVERY game has at least 1 cheater with 2-3 brand new accounts and...
Hardest rank to rank up from?
Its not even about the wins. I had an error on my steam account kicking me from games after 5 minutes. After De-ranking from LEM to MGE I stopped playing then I eventually found at that the error had ...
Spraying tips
I had similar problems with my aim and spray control when I played on 1920x1080. A mate of mine told me to play blackbars 1024x768 and ive never looked back. I seem to concentrate a lot more on my cro...
Eagle Rank
I ranked up from DMG to LEM in 2 games from winning against terrible Global Elites that were carried to their rank (1 win to rank up both times). Fastest way to rank up as DMG is verse LEM's and highe...
VAC authentication error
This may not be what you want to here, but this is what I experienced with the exact same error. I heard a few people had been having the error, but didn't think much of it. Sure enough It eventually ...
Shroud has Polish Parents.
hahahahah thats gold
kinzu v2 pro
Would recommend either the Steel Series Rival or the Zowie FK/FK1.