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(+18) rate girl
You did fuck up. He was commenting solely on the fake tits, you brought up genetics. Now get the fuck out.
Metro 2034 worth reading?
You should read it. 2034 is not too great especially if you wanted more of the Artyom storyline, but it gives you some pretty interesting new stories about the metro and most importantly it prepares t...
NiKo tweet
Kids like you who get upset the moment someone shows a little attitude are the reason why we have so few interesting personalities in the scene. It's no wonder most players only write boring political...
You're retarded. They already used it on ESL New York, no one got caught red-handed. Also, they're trying to restore the audience's trust to pro scene, so why keep this hidden when they can instant...
Immortals vs Liquid
2-16 is still an improvement from the last game. 14 more games and they'll get the W.
Denmark vs Argentina
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin_America Stop skipping your classes.
This has always been the deal with Neo and Taz you polish newfag. Even in the Pentagram days they struggled online and played like gods on LAN.
ENCE vs Kinguin
Nowadays it's more like "omg wow player x blatant aimlocks all game".
My bully sweet revenge
This right here is your average HLTV user.
Let's not fool ourselves. The numbers are just gonna go down from here until the finals.
The Prophet AMA
"Before starting, I know that only serious AMA's is allowed and I assure you. I take this serious." Made me chuckle. Reminds me of all those kids who used write shit like "No copyright infringement...
Swe > Fin hockey
Someone's a bit insecure after his team crashed and burned on this year's meaningless WC tournament. I recommend growing a pair and not getting so butthurt over some kids celebrating their success and...