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No IEM Shanghai MVP?
Yes, I've noticed and wondered why?
I lost everything on gambling, need help
You don't seem like the member of the family anyone actually likes, so just put an end to it, your life that is. Make your parents proud at least once.
just found out im bi
nigga u just gay doe.
CS:GO World Cup Idea
Cs is an international team sport, if you exclude denmark, france and sweden. This tournament will be trash and free money for astralis fnatic and g2 with nbk standin.
Pick one person to bring back from the dead
Hitler ofc
uhm SHOX cuck??
I'm fine with adopting so to say, but leave the burnt ones out.
visisting Poland
What will you learn? Not to gas jews? Do you need to visit auschwitz for that?
Actually org is good and is most likely here to stay.
Well said.
Mythic vs
Gogo best streaming team.
Ukraine is not CIS (prove me wrong)
Ukraine is Russia.
device > s1mple
Of course he is not. In my opinion he is the best CSGO player ever, simply because he has been at the top for the past 5 years and no one else has achieved that, apart from guardian and kennys maybe b...
device > s1mple
Yeah and s1mple has as many tournament MVPs for 6 months as device for his whole career more or less, so tells you who has had a better team to play with.
OpTic vs NiP
Ez for Get "had to retire 2 years ago" Right
jks need better team
Actually he can't really get more than renegades, he seems good but then you see his stats and thr opposition and you know. Also even jkaem. looks good compared to jks