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fnatic vs Gambit
But Gambit has had only bad games :D
S1mple onliner????????
He reached 40 frags in 2 maps where they didn't reach double digits. That low lan rating however.
top 5 fattest players
If we have to talk about fat %, which is the real deal, cause snax might be fat but he is huge as hell as well, then it should be Guardian or Boltz.
Yeah, lets hope. NiP now have a core which can compete with every top team on paper, as long as being an IGL doesn't destroy dennis' game.
He himself said that he doesn't want to be an IGL, guess he didn't have an option.
3rd World Euro Countries
Third world countries don't have electricity and clean water. No road infrastructure as well. There are no countries like that in the EU
favorite cs:go event?
Isn't that the event where olof became major mvp with 50+% of his kills being tec9s?
VenatoreS vs Windigo
I have no idea why the betting odds are like this. For me this is 70% Venatores.
dennis: I will be on Katowice
Yeah. Hope that goes well. We've seen that as long as you have the skill and synchrony, you don't need that great igl (c9 for example).
dennis: I will be on Katowice
Yeah, agreed. But to be honest, whom? We know dennis called for a while, but how good is that? I am pretty sure neither rez nor draken can call, so it's most likely the 3 veterans calling at the same ...
dennis: I will be on Katowice
Well tbh at the point they tried that, the whole team sucked, for a while.
BIG gone? VP,Australis time is coming
Edward isn't even that bad, also you have 3 players which are supposed to be superstars...
Windigo vs MANS NOT HOT
Why do they play again when Windigo already won once?
rip my i5-2500k
If possible wait 2 months to get the next gen of AMD. If the rumors are true 8c/16t will cost like 250euro and run at 4ghz base, and even if they are not 6c/12t will cost that much, so maybe wait a li...
kNg defenders?
Yeah, they baited him hard, but that doesn't change the fact that he's a retard.