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Valience & Windigo
North is not an eternal disappointment, you know they win a $250k event every 2 years, so you could say that they are a continuous source of disappointment.
Valience & Windigo
Both teams could easily lose. One map is not really that much. Let's not forget windingo destroyed Ence in the qualifier but got beaten up even worse yesterday. They beat north 16-6 on overpass with ...
“Danish bias”
I mean they fucked up once, gtr was first instead of flusha, however if they do it a second time, it's over.
“Danish bias”
They did that so that we say they are not biased towards danes and now they can make device no1
2019 World Men's Handball Championship
I know, right? I don't really know about anything below football, basketball, volleyball, f1 and tennis...
ctrl+V thread
Sony Move Twinpack (
Israel cs
Israel CS is going outside and shooting Palestinian kids.
Hair is not important. If you are good looking iy doesn't matter whether you have hair or not and vice versa you can look like shit with hair - me for example.
coldzera is new get_right
last year niko was the best player, same as flusha 2014
Yes, he played well, krimz played great.
coldzera is new get_right
And they both were not supposed to be 1st in tbe second year, they robbed flusha and NiKo.
RTX 2060
"NVIDIA: hold my beer"
they confirm insanity
How to lose fat while building muscle?
Luckily*, you don't want to get fat.
Top 20 players 2018: 19th