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Just played VALORANT
The problem is the difference in the skills, which breaks the feeling of equality. Some heroes cant push or go into duels, due to lack of abilities which support such a scenario.
g2 vs fnatic prediction
Tbh the way g2 were playing, they should blow out fnatic, however not playing for two days can change the outcome a lot, so we will see.
Your graphics card?
5700xt here, shit drivers as well.
Top 20 players 2019: 9th
Top 20 players 2019: 20th
240Hz vs 144Hz difference?
240hz is nice, especially when you can get it for 250eur.
Vp last chance
Were its ONLY representatives. Changes should have come sooner, while pasha byali and snax were good.
Alienware 2720hf 27" 240hz or benQ xl2540
Panel is the same yeah, that's why I went with the 2518 or whatever alienware, 24.5 inch 240hz for 250 eur.
AirPods Pro ?~>
If you are willing to spend, there already are better options out there, unless you want to stick to apple.
Top 20 LEAKED?!
There are sever major events which can change the rankings still.
Top 20 Players 2019 so far *Updated*
Wait, where did I mention anything else, I just said there is no way he is 12th with those performances. There is no way he is above dupreeh for example.
Top 20 Players 2019 so far *Updated*
Actually just one MVP, and he shit the bed at the major.
Top 20 Players 2019 so far *Updated*
no way ethan is that high.
rate pc build
580 is fine, just the price ain't, personally I'd downgrade to an i5 9400F, since you don't need the integrated video, and I would spend the extra money for a 1660(ti).
stop bullying stew
Summer 2019 - Summer 2019, bestest era
14:00, May 25
Best of 3
17:30, May 25
Best of 3
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