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If I had three wishes, I would want a private island, the olsen twins and a p90 stattrak asiimov.
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Trump vs Hillary
Lets be honest, Hillary is no fit to be a president. Trump might be controversial, but he's a better candidate than Hillary. How is it documents are leaked about her selling Uranium to the russians...
Cuck Quiz
pol will be the end of chin I swear to god, some faggot actually yelled pepe at a Hillary rally, so her PI started looking into wtf. White supremacy is apparently their only way of describing chin ...
Cuck Quiz I guess it's as close to an actual test.
Honestly, tactically Messi is ruining the team by not sticking to his assigned position. You can talk about a trident, but when you only have two people attacking, and one guy insisting on standing in...
^ This. I don't get how they want to be respected as a contender to host majors (MLG), when they clearly have little to no idea of the current LAN meta. It's really sad in my eyes.
They are on the server, so they are watching it in real time, to cast at the event. They aren't watching it with a delay.
It's 2016 and MLG still don't use booths. To me that's fucking retarded. Players can't use their proper headsets, they can hear casters - and when people talk (which you do a lot at high tier), you ca...
Throws incomming
yes this
Xyp9x You guys are fucking retarded, I have no words. He turned inorder to check lower one last time, and his crosshair just so happened to hit a guy. You are ...
Team pick'em results atm
I have the exact same picks. :-)
NiKo leave them already
-maikelele -fox +niko +kio yw faze
Izakoo legit
As far as I know, he is an official stream, which means there are drops from his stream. So it's just people making multiple accounts and idling on his channel, rather than the main channel. It's n...