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ChrisJ to faze?
If faze wants to knock astralis off the top, they need -karrigan -rain +chrisj + sunny chrisj's tactics would fit faze, he can double awp, and he is good at being aggressive. sunny is an insane entryf...
ChrisJ to faze?
? they are like best friends
if you wanna fix faze, you have to do -karrigan +chrisJ -rain +sunny or its just not a fix this team would go top 1 easily
why is AE always bottomfragging?
Cause the guy obviously isnt cut out for this level and should be replaced by attacker
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
? one of the best?? In a country alongside players such as shox, scream, rpk, kio? Ok now you are just baiting. Even if you can argue for him to be top 5 after those thats not considered "one of the b...
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
my id is older than yours. Tell me, when did you compare happy to aimers such as shox and f0rest? Never, cause that wasnt his strength.
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
He was never recognized for his aim. Just watching him in this was almost embarrassing
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
Man I've been a Guardian fan since forever. Hes a god. Why'd I care which country people are from?
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
The point of teaching a man to fish and not to steal is so he can take care of himself for the rest of his life. Again, the lineups we are talking about started in 2017, not 2015. Kinda shows how wro...
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
you go date, write like some mid 2017 and just current date of 2018. hf
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
well if you dont believe me just go hltv stats and set the date to when envy got created. You'll find happy to have the lowest rating of him, kio, scream, rpk, hadji
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
Considering my English is beyond yours I'm sure I can. However, we are talking about the hadji, rpk, scream, kio, happy lineup, and you are delusional if you say rpk was dogshit on that roster
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
Statistically at every event he was. Did you even watch them play? Rpk was the best player under that envy lineup, scream was too inconsistent to be so
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
You cant argue against the fact that Happy was the worst player on that team while still playing the same lurk role he has always played
Happy is the best IGL from FRA
Agreed, the strategy and mindset he came into the game with at that time countered a lot of the top teams and he gathered players such as shox, kio, and himself when they were all at their best indivi...