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idk, navi, fnatic, mouz, g2 are also struggling. I mean navi, fnatic, and mouz didnt even make it through groups in their road to rio qualifiers
-stewie2k liquid
my personal issue with liquid is exactly this. They keep swapping between stew and nitr0 awping because both of them perform poorly when they arent awping. Whoever of the 2 are awping have better stat...
Worst president in your country's history?
Worst president in your country's history?
I wont write everything he has done but heres a bit: answered the pleas of HBCU presidents and approved Pell Grants year-round, a simple request obama ignored for his whole presidency. Provided HBCUs ...
Worst president in your country's history?
Obama was def not mediocre. read #373
Worst president in your country's history?
#373 also u cant only blame bush for the economy. You also have to blame clinton for repealing glass steagall
Worst president in your country's history?
Still better than the previous president. Lets see what did obama do... His response to wall street bs was massive bailouts and the dodd-frank act that failed to stop the banks from becoming even big...
Worst president in your country's history?
You should read more into it. He also supported eugenics, segregated his federal work force and segregated black people + make them lose their jobs. He screened the birth of a nation movie in the whit...
Worst president in your country's history?
how can you have people like RR, trump, carter, and even obama on this list when you are missing people like NIXON, buchanan, franklin pierce even presidents like benjamin harrison, herbert hoover, z...
kennyS > ZywOo???
It depends how you look at it. Yes he does entry a lot but thats mostly with flashbangs from his teammates for picks. When they actually execute onto a site he doesnt run in first ever. Neither does s...
kennyS > ZywOo???
guardian 2015 looked the same zywoo is also the player who gets by far the most utility from his teammates
cause esl rulebook literally says that if teams are tied, it will be H2H, then MD between the tied teams, then RD. Envy won 3/5 maps in total vs liquid and mibr 3-2 = +1 Liquid won 2/4 maps in total ...
How is EG still in the top 10
hltv points cause no new tournaments liquid above faze and g2 as well eg should have just been taken out of top 10 as soon as krieg was nerfed, too obvious this would happen following that nerf
rip liquid
yes map diff is used before round difference, it says in the esl road to rio rules but both tl and mibr are 6-5 in maps so it will go to round difference instead
Liquid out?
if envy beat bad news bears then liquid are out due to round difference even if they win vs yeah and mibr lose to furia unless they like stomp yeah and furia stomp mibr basically if liquid wins 32-0,...