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I'm 41 and shes 27 (+21)
You won't be able to change her. She's already 27, it will be so difficult. I mean ok, maybe she will leave drugs, but her approach to kids... I guess it's impossible to change. It'd be different if o...
Do u drink beer
After beer I'm getting headache, prefer vodka. 22 y/o.
Best pro player irl name
Lei "bottle" Mao LMAO
Typing speed?
80-90 WPM, my record is 124.
It's not only about a skill, but chemistry and fit to role, You know? Astralis don't need to be the best at aim (even tho they are amazing), but as a team they're unbeatable.
In my opinion DeadFox makes good work for them. It's same as with STYKO - when mousesports kicked him, they just started to lose everything, even against worse teams. There's nobody that will take Dea...
Why minesweeper will never be the best esport
Best score on advanced mode? Mine 111 seconds.
Why minesweeper will never be the best esport
Not sure, but on Windows XP's version it could be.
Alpha Red vs TeamOne
Ez for Kinguin
Heroic vs 5POWER
Gonna be nutty match
pro100 vs MVP PK
Ez for AGO
Should i be "PRO" again?
As You can see, TaZ is 32 and he is still competing at nice level in my opinion, maybe with better players he'd be able to be at the top. You should put into the game every single day, per about 6-8 h...
Best sens for 800 DPI
I'm using 1.6 as well, but on 400 DPI. Mouse's frequency is important as well, I personally prefer 1000 Hz. Decrease your sensitivity diametrically, i.e. change at 1.2. Then play it for 15-20 minutes ...
ur dreamteam
s1mple chrisJ fer NiKo shox