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You are G2 owner
shox SmithZz Ex6tenZ ScreaM kennyS Then second french team: apEX NBK- kioShiMa Happy ZyWoO
Unluko is back!
Don't hurt me
2007-10-28 1st Major Heyah Logitech Cybersport 2007 Pro Finals 16 - 11 $8,000 WESG 2017 9-16th prize: $10,000 WESG 2017 1st prize: $800,000 I would imagine, how much money could he win, if in 1.6 cou...
K0nfig Optic?
zehN in PENTA/Seed/Sprout was one of the best players. Anyway, he is #1 faceit player, but actually that's not a good reason. :P
K0nfig Optic?
We can build another solid EU team k0nfig CajunB Dennis Kioshima zehN
make worst team
Best line up
-s1mple +NiKo s1mple isn't teamplayer, he is trying to play individually too much, just watch how Na'Vi is playing right not. Even AndersOnFire was saying about his playstyle.
PRIDE vs Valiance
-Luz +Patitek For this match
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
Zeus already won major, RIP NaVi
AVANGAR vs Quantum Bellator Fire
Kazachstan gonna be country of esports?
mousesports vs Renegades
Ez for oskar
Optic Byali
Tell me, who. There is no better aimer in Poland, but who actually is in your opinion?
Virtus.Pro REAL #1
Which flag i should have? I'm fan of NEO, but he is so underperfoming in this version of CS.
Virtus.Pro REAL #1
A lot of people saying that NEO is the best player of all the time in CS, but the truth is, that he can't find himself since he started calling for his team and he changed his playstyle. In my opinion...
mousesports vs North Academy
oskar and KPR ratio under 1 lul wut