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If big doesn't win esl one cologne i will kms
You can start to make a video named"How BIG really plays CS:GO". Can't wait *.*
Best CS trio ?
He was coach for Squared Prospects, so what did u expect?
Your national dream team?
As I would love to see your G2 team (or I would change apEX, don't really like him ;p), Ex6tenZ and ScreaM are from Belgium.
w**d threads
We don't live in J,K, Rowling's world, nobody has wand, dude.
Your national dream team?
Composed of 5 players and coach*
-jw +draken
Recently draken is missing his shots, so aggresive playstyle isn't that effective as it should be.
-jw +draken
Since pronax left, fnatic started falling down. That shows the real value of good in-game leader I'd like to see this squad again: flusha JW pronax olofmeister KRIMZ
New CS version?
Oh, I really fucked up with CS:S release date, it meant to be 2004. xD
wtf is "kkkkkkkkkk"
What the hell, who bumped thread from 3 years ago
You are G2 owner
shox SmithZz Ex6tenZ ScreaM kennyS Then second french team: apEX NBK- kioShiMa Happy ZyWoO
Unluko is back!
Don't hurt me
2007-10-28 1st Major Heyah Logitech Cybersport 2007 Pro Finals 16 - 11 $8,000 WESG 2017 9-16th prize: $10,000 WESG 2017 1st prize: $800,000 I would imagine, how much money could he win, if in 1.6 cou...
K0nfig Optic?
zehN in PENTA/Seed/Sprout was one of the best players. Anyway, he is #1 faceit player, but actually that's not a good reason. :P
K0nfig Optic?
We can build another solid EU team k0nfig CajunB Dennis Kioshima zehN