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Razer or Steelseries
Buy steelseries hands down I had 2 previous razer mice and they both went out under 6 months ( piece of shit deathadders ) then I bought a sensei raw and I've had it over 2years and it works perfectl...
HyperX Giveaway
yup! :) Canada USA Mexico
mouzsports wtf
uhhhhhh what? Mixwell was an entry rifler turned awper because Optic didn't have a dedicated one at the time. So your statement is retarded as fuck lol
TATTOOS ugly af
I have 6 tattoos :)
[pizza] create your life long pizza
idgaf its my dream pizza
[pizza] create your life long pizza
Sausage Onions Jalapenos extra cheese Alfredo sauce
I actually got the pleasure of visiting India back in 2011. I stayed in Baljeet Nagar, New Delhi which is the slums of New Delhi. I taught English/Math to Orphans as a volunteer. India had its nice ar...
IBP LAN Casting
It's not a LAN btw
TSM 2nd Team??
Talking about the female team as well.
CIS Shuffle
Starix wont join Gambit as long as Zeus is still there. Pretty stupid to have 2 alpha IGL's.
Thats because they played at the eSports Arena LAN together. He's not on Splyce lol
C9 Get_Right
c9 tabseN
Top 20 Players 2016
Coldzera Device Snax f0rest Get_Right s1mple Stewie FalleN Shox Niko
I have 6 tattoos which create my full sleeve, which cost around $1500 and 19hours. Obviously getting a tat doesn't feel good, but it isn't unbearable either. Be careful tho because it's addicting.
G-FUEL drink
Kiwi Strawberry, Blue Ice and Tropical Rain are really good.