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s1mple official statement:
ZEUS "I'm wating FLUSHKA"
Unedited Flusha on Mirage
wish i had the bandwidth to download demos and create .gifs. There's much more youtube footage. But gyfcat is the best way to watch it!
Flusha on Dust_2 in 128 tick slowed down
soz flusha... ("_")
nice gif. if your the author plz make one for this: (olofm *holds down* aimkey which then locks onto a teammate rofl) flusha's wish list:
More flusha evidence
More flusha evidence
fight me @justdance
More flusha evidence
+1 I've got it down as a 'mistake' but there's definitely some strategic value when this happens: just like this one
More flusha evidence
+1 re: post #40
More flusha evidence
he had me fooled. Pyth @ overnight skillz is obvious. But an upstanding team like fnatic... you would never guess it. It's getting rediculous. Something needs to be done. Some people smile and lau...
More flusha evidence
You're not wrong, but the demos are. The saying goes "demos' never look accurate." Regardless, it's the snappy as hell cross-hair; AND the "shitshitshitshitshit... umm nothing suspicious here......
More flusha evidence
OMG tis not even suspicius R-tard!!!! Jus a coindicdence. Happen all teh time!!!
More flusha evidence
good find: I'd even say the kill was suspicious. Apparently the way the cheats work, the crosshair is supposed to hit-the-target during the 8th and 12th bullet. ...
@farukpita its for you <3
<3 im too lazy though soz. Too busy compiling list for flusha cheats. im like santa reading out the wish-list: ...
More flusha evidence
Ikr. The sad thing is... some people just don't seem to care. Like this guy in sitting in the back-seat: