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talked too soon ?
Injuries Navi/LG
Lol they didn't even talk about it in any media/interview. You just mad because you know it wasn't navi at their best level.
yeah i would not recommend it because of shape. FK1, EC2, deathadder are shapes which almost always work. They are not perfect but generally they are not cramping you hand like the g303 can :p
there is no best mouse unfortunately. I have tried a tons of mice so i can give you some feedback on two of them. G303: i am playing with it right now, the best sensor without a doubt on the mar...
Mouse like WMO 1.1a
zowie mice comes with no driver. You have a switch under the mouse for dpi settings. FK1 and ec2-a have 400/800/1600/3200 EC2 is still an ergonomic mouse so nothing really like an ambidextrous mous...
Fxyo's statement regarding the life ban
swap games, i hear rainbow 6 siege could have a decent esport scene in the future :p
kennyS ? Best player in the world ?
ahah i bet you are feeling like retard after this clutch ahaha.
fer: "ROFL" about Liquid 0-16 TSM
yeah you just missed the first tweet ^^
fer: "ROFL" about Liquid 0-16 TSM
why ? I think you are the one who doesn't understand ^^
USA Chant.
Yeah and the only reason why america is so rich and powerful so yan can thank us for that
French white flag again
you are retarded, do you think GIGN magically gonna appear at the second a terrorist attack begin ? It's almost impossible to stop someone going in the street and randomly shooting people before it's ...
Skadoodle major stats
stats don't lie
xizt 35-15
yeah flusha not better than gtr or forest this year but keep dreaming boy. NiP are bad as a team but individually they are still ones of the best in the world. People say NiKOO is so good but don't fo...
xizt 35-15
yeah blame the failure of a team on one player. HLTV retard way of thinking right here. fnatic and TSM are the best team in the world with player worst than friberg...
xizt 35-15
NiP is the most skilled line up in the world, the problem they have way to many similar players. forest, get_right and xizt have the similar play style friberg is left alone trying to be aggressive. O...