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Complexity vs The Quest
What the fuck
Se7en vs Winstrike
Aristocracy vs HAVU
I mean that's the worst thing these teams can do IMO. I know it's a known fact things like this happen but we don't know for sure whether this exact pause was faked thus it's kinda our speculation and...
Aristocracy vs HAVU
Plus, tactical pauses are of limited duration whilst "technical issues" can be faked as long as you want be it poop break or new execution discussion
Aristocracy vs HAVU
I still don't think there's anything wrong with pauses. Even if these are technical my worst guess is that teams run out of tactical and then fake tech issues to take additional rest. That's the most ...
Aristocracy vs HAVU
Because it's the end of the game and one mistake defines the outcome of the match? Thus you should take a tactical timeout ASAP and sort everything out? There's nothing wrong with pauses.
Aristocracy vs HAVU
I tried to bring the same argument but salty kids just can't accept their own mistakes. Don't even bother trying to persuade them with facts and logic, HLTV is the worst place for that.
Aristocracy vs HAVU
haven't been following HAVU lately but they look crisp and ZOREE is absolutely insane
mousesports vs OpTic
will they wait until scheduled time or will they start as soon as FaZe beat BIG?
fnatic vs NiP
32-0 for Astralis against whoever wins this t3 match
Heroic vs Nemiga
Liquid vs Grayhound
Imagine thinking lulquid were top 1 at some point
Sharks vs Cloud9
Damn watching low-tier CS right after T1 events is really refreshing. The skill gap between these teams is enormously huge.
pro100 vs Windigo
Clip anyone?