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I give 100$ if you guess my real name (only first name)
Female proo
As long as "going trans" is only a change on paper and not a change of actual sex.
Your first rank in CSGO?
Silver 1 back in 2014.
Rate my political test result
According to this site I'm a very National-Democratic Socialist Other tests I've done I'm only Democratic Socialist, but I guess I hold a few Nationalistic values.
Your dream job?
Money is only a means to an end.
Your dream job?
Earning less than you need or just enough is too little. Earning 10-100-1000x what you need, then there's no point.
Your dream job?
I'd like my income to be the double of what I need to survive (food and other living costs, transportation costs), so that I can enjoy some of the finer things in life and be able to save for retireme...
Your dream job?
? Reply needs to have actual content
Your dream job?
Your dream job?
It was an example, not a number set in stone.
Your dream job?
Russian-to-English translator for Russian game developer for double of whatever I need to live on per month (say I need 10k€ per month, I'd like to be payed 20k€ per month).
Trump on turkey
Proof that Donald Trump tweets on the toilet without any form of supervision.
ak-47 on your bed
Depends on the party.
ak-47 on your bed
Turn it in to the police, then ask for it to be put into a museum. AK-47:s (not AKM:s) are quite rare these days.
gun haters come here
I want to legally acquire a gun, but the problem is that I don't want to hunt or join a shooting club for half a year. My want for a gun is lower than the point of breaking the law.