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I r8 your team
I'm glad atleast someone is following the scene now-a-days :P Personally I only watch the odd NiP match here and there these days..
I r8 your team
Didn't know Fifflaren? new fag spotted (jk) f0rest and Fifflaren would both AWP, but only when they want/need to. It's a 5man rifler team. P.S. the core 5 players were the OG NiP who would make it t...
I r8 your team
GeT_RiGhT f0rest friberg Fifflaren Xizt Allu (Stand-in) Pita/who ever their coach is now-a-days (Coach)
If you could kill a country,
India. Would solve overpopulation problem over night.
Games you regret?
Exactly my reasoning for not enjoying it.
Games you regret?
My experiences in Don't Starve Together weren't much better than in the original SP game, sadly.
All Nordic Countries in 1 word
I believe you misspelled Denmark.
Sensitivity is 100% up to your own preferences, there is no one perfect formula for the best sensitivity. Find your own sensitivity through trial and error until you end up with what is perfect for y...
Games you regret?
I regret playing Fortnite, Arma III, DayZ Standalone (mod was way better), Rainbow Six Siege, and Don't Starve. My reasons: Fortnite is straight trash and I can't stand the building mechanic and UI l...
What game to buy
If you're into the "realism/simulator" kind of games, I highly recommend "Escape From Tarkov"
I r8 your mental health
This would make sense. Thank NotProkda
I r8 your mental health
OwO but I've been in depression before tho
are u mad ?
Why do I have to be mad? It's only game.
I r8 your mental health
18 John Denver/Sabaton Fifflaren (Sadly retired) Not at the moment, but if I find something worth my time, then yeah. I'm impartial on the subject of Prokda. Yes, it tastes nice. Usually I mix with ot...
Favorie Food
I do love me some Swedish-Style "mexican" food.