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Keep good support system, Don't lock people(who care about you) out. Stay active/Gym/Sports helps alot [Idle mind is devils workshop ]. UNINSTALL CSGO.
2,158h and DMG
EATING for more than 20 Years, Still NOT FAT. Get RekT
[BOLD]Ki0[/BOLD] 4Head [BOLD]was[/BOLD] 4Head [BOLD]le[/BOLD] 4Head [BOLD]problem[/BOLD] 4Head.
adblock on hltv?
Yeah, I use add-block too.I don't want to loose all my inventory by clicking these dodgy sites. I don't feel guilty because I have 0 interest in these gambling site and all the adds here lead to do...
I like Hillary Clinton
Non US folks Love Her. She supports Huge US military, which is good for other countries since they can have smaller military budget. And they spend the savings on Healthcare/Education/Welfare of the...
I like Hillary Clinton
I am with Her |->
i've souvenir drop )
I only have my eyes for cry, speechless, im down as never i already was one day
A fellow redditor spotted. She may be terrible at casting: ill-suited voice, in-game knowledge of Nova II , a personality of a leek . But she is a female, For that I like her. and we need female i...
Hmmmm that double chin.......... One can dream!!
I got you covered, fam! Brrrr brrr brrr
Pansy Experience !
I am a PANsexual , Feminist , SJW. you are nobody, insignificant sack of pubic hair.
Shox VAC
Too much TEXT, Only half of the area is actually logo. BAD symmetry, THUSLY, BAD EVEN WORSE than this DREAMHACK-->
Pansy & Semmler
old envy > new envy
yeah, Only who cant think for himself rely on rating. Just watch is plays, its sublime . Unless you have NA brain.