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-Deadfox + HS
i raped HS on faceit.. he is more like tier 50
I guess if you’re a virgin
20 1-2 brunette
Actually grand final was never so intense and good... Other majors were too boring to even watch, now I enjoyed the final even when I wanted FaZe to win
Gay in your language
[18+] Advice about girl I love
I have everything in my life. Very good paid work, my lovely car, big house, just thing I miss is girl so, why should I be sad individual?
[18+] Advice about girl I love
Just wanted to read other opinions. I had my plans, just needed to be totally sure. Well yeh I liked her in everything, her hobbies, the way she talks, how she behaves.. The only thing was when I was ...
[18+] Advice about girl I love
:D Exactly what my friend told me.
[18+] Advice about girl I love
I started to hate her now, exactly for what u said. If I was her boyfriend and she did this to me, I would break with her. But still when you fell in love you don't look on it like that, you just want...
[18+] Advice about girl I love
hah right but still im angry as ... now :D
[18+] Advice about girl I love
Everyone thanks for suggestions. It's over :D
[18+] Advice about girl I love
Hah, I expressed my feelings today. "That were the most beautiful words I've been ever told by someone. But you should move on.". After that I really stopped care about her, no point of feeling bad ...
Next Major should be in?
Should be in Russia.
[18+] Advice about girl I love
Thanks, Haha actually I worry a lot about it :D
[18+] Advice about girl I love
This seems smart, definitely worth to try it. Have never met that nice girl in my whole life.
[18+] Advice about girl I love
I think this cannot be considered as friend zone as she told me, that she is only afraid of ending that relationship. If it was done, she would be with me.