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Liquid vs fnatic
Xizt is a fraud.
How does it mean nothing?
Ange1 has partial ownership in HR (real ownership, not like Astralis), he won't leave.
Cloud9 vs SK
Fuck HEs in this game
VP ez fix?
1. Cut team 2. Use that mountain of esforce cash to buy SK/Faze/G2/C9 ez
SS Tier 1 now?
Space Soldiers are pretty good on their day, but no. Of their 5 last games, this was easily top 2 in terms of how impressive it was and they lost.
How did overwatch win esport game of the year?
They probably let Overwatch's general popularity as a casual game influence their decision. Or Blizzard just bought it, they do love throwing money at games that make awful esports (Hearthstone and...
3-2 > 2-3 ESL Logic
This rule fucked Astralis at IEM Oakland (SK, C9 and Ast all 3-2, but OT rules mean Ast has fewer points) and has a good chance of fucking Fnatic here. Surely ESL have to abandon it for future tournam...
3-2 > 2-3 ESL Logic
Some tournaments use R/D for 3 way ties so HLTV just has it regardless.
fnatic vs Astralis
Bias as fuck Fnatic fan here: Assuming the first tiebreaker is head to head, Astralis goes through with a win, even though they'll be 2-3 and Fnatic will be 3-2; how exactly is this adjusted point sys...
They tried to teach him to be IGL, Golden is already an IGL
That's my point, it's a bit sad seeing what's happened to Flusha
Isn't Golden an IGL tho
Best 16-0 in CSGO history?
I do, but that tournament was utter shit. And the one I listed was more memorable imo because of the timings of the roster change.