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As stupid as the pole is, no one speaks "American" You dumbass.
UK - why so much hate?
Not sure I see wars as achievements but I do see your point. The problem with sensible "Brits" is that a recent democratic exercise made our international opinions pretty much irrelevant in the grand ...
UK worst country eu
And the UK isn't a country, much like the EU isn't. Learn your history you dumb loyalist.
UK - why so much hate?
Probably has something to do with the fact that just over half the UK's population has a superiority complex that makes them think, and act, as if they are better than every other human being from any...
Israel LUL
Nothing belongs to Serbia. There was a few wars in the 1990's. You may or may not know that in all of those instances Serbia was bitch slapped like the over reaching, over confident disgrace of a s...
If EU hates America
American. I don't even know where to start. If anyone can't speak English its the Americans. You've been slowly butchering the language ever since your independence.
USA in 2 words
Matt Damon
UK Brothers Unite
Scotlands first minister is already looking for talks with european union chiefs. There is no good time for Scottish independence, it will be rough, but it will happen none the less.
UK Brothers Unite
And what was left of the UK still would've voted, even more overwhelmingly for Brexit. Them Scots will vote for independence now. It's simply a matter of time. The British empire is now truly an...
UK Brothers Unite
This. The UK is dead.
UK Brothers Unite
fucking little englanders.
Why Sweden is worst country
Doesn't Norway have one of, if not the largest, unions when compared with population? Something like 1 million members out of the five million population. Basically your country is, at the very lea...
Most violent city in your country?
Good for you. I've lived in both and at least in Glasgow you can get directions off of people instead of a blank fucking stare.
Most violent city in your country?
You don't say.
Most violent city in your country?
Only because of its size compared to others to be fair. Glasgow is generally a friendlier city than Edinburgh.