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I work hard to get rid of all cheaters in CSGO. I fight for the good of HLTV but don't expect me to do much because Valve want you guys to throw more money at them first.
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social life
Breathing in all that haze must've gotten to you, friend.
We technically can afford cars here it's just that most of us dont see it as a need until later on of our lives. Considering how small the land in our country is, it's a smart move from the govt to do...
Too late to catch up on GoT
Binge watching for lyfe! :D
Nt taiwan
R8 Grill
nt reckful
Fired. Need advice.
Go for it man. If you're still young, maybe you could take up some pickup/driving jobs on the sidelines while also trying to get back to school or something. Try to make yourself more skilled/ed...
Fired. Need advice.
Maybe try to get a new set if skills? It's always good to be proficient in a few set if skills these days. Maybe look for job prospects that look interesting to you and try taking up some lessons abou...
Snails NEVER die
My can of insecticide says otherwise.
Hot Girl sitting next to me AMA
OP is clearly a virgin if he has to tell the whole world he's sitting beside some hot chick for no apparent reason.
Name 1 thing your country invented
Creative Technologies The thumb drive
1v4 Clutch + 1 Tap to Pit
1v4 Clutch + 1 Tap to Pit
Should consider a profession as a comedian cuz this video is a complete joke. Next time please take your 'so-called' amazing plays to Reddit where at least those people give a fuck to actually downvot...
Gotta love sacrasm, right?
fucked 2 girls in class room AMA
Nt Johnny Sins
Game of Thrones season 6 predictions? Just remember to have adblock on