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Finnish Army
Jees i häve mornings aswell in vekarajärvi todei
People who say yall
Yikes, that's going to be pretty problematic for ya'll
10kg in 5 days :o
looks like u remembered to drink ur water
10kg in 5 days :o
from 81kg to 85.9kg I feel ya brotha back to training in 2 days
Help me ( Girl Problem )
You have to have a very long conversation about what love really means. She ain't in love she thinks she is addicted to you.
2018 almost over
what u mean
2018 almost over
2018 was an interesting year for me. 2019 is gonna be wasted in army but 2020 gon be good
Your Relationship
uhh like 5 days?
what's wrong with her eyes
fake mental illnesses
people should get off their phones and go to massive orgies or something that would fix their mental issues
Sober after 2 hours
Why can't you just be happy for him?
xbox360+ps3 vs ps4+xboxone
The ratings are not good because the games are that good, it's because everything else fucking sucks big donkey balls. also get your eyes ready for 30fps and controls that often come with a delay. RDR...
xbox360+ps3 vs ps4+xboxone
Detroit: Become Human you can just watch a playthroug and you get the same exact experience. Spiderman is just an average game with a brand sticked on to it. Bloodborne decent Dark Souls copycat I gue...
xbox360+ps3 vs ps4+xboxone
I owned both PS3 and Xbox 360 and didn't regret either one of them. PS4 purchase I regret because consoles are so dead now. Anyone play UFC 3 on PS4 here?
I was expecting the bus to fly towards the twin towers