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worst mental illness
MIBR fanboy
18+ gf lovers come here
dont use teeth men
Rule #30 - There are no girls on the internet.
Danish people come here
Don't bother learning it, most of us speak english better than actual englandos.
Pros cheating
Apparently noone saw Astralis players in their teens.. Must've been some good cheats to work across 2-3 versions of CS, and not get busted for a decade+
Denmark is the happiest country but everyone is depressed.
We pay taxes instead of insurance policies most of the time. Several studies have shown that the cost of living in America compared to Denmark is actually more or less the same. We just don't pay exag...
Denmark is the happiest country but everyone is depressed.
Well we are not "secured" a good job. That would be communism, and we don't roll like that. But we are a mix of things in that regard. We like personal freedom, but we don't like that you're born into...
AOC - tax 70%
And people automatically assume that socialism = communism. Trump handles media like a communist would, what's the problem America?
Pro Life ?
And I never mentioned Denmark. double lul
(18+) YouTube wtf
well.. Let's just say babies and dead kids aren't off the table in this movie, about an ex-pornstar trying to make some money..
AOC - tax 70%
What is wrong with her. Wanting to replicate first world countries. Who does she think she is? Also, helps build a middleclass again, which was what made America great in the first place. Oh the irony
cute british girls
"And I have low standards from germany already" I'm so happy you said that. Because I've been to Germany a few times, and that "master race" thing, did not work out AT ALL. I mean there are cute girl...
Pro Life ?
Poor italian men, still living at home with mom in their 30's incapable of taking care of themselves, while they hate on immigrants, who had the balls to leave home.
"Nicotine that gets into your body through cigarettes activates structures normally present in your brain called receptors. When these receptors are activated, they release a brain chemical called dop...
I'm afraid of spiders
You need a lighter, and a deodorant. The screams might haunt you though.