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Rate her. She sexy
her vagin is hang like sleeve of wizard
EU not 1st world
Bulgaria, please..
gf asked for break :(
So she doesn't have the balls to break up with you. Find someone with real balls, that will teach you how to be real mens. Don't push back though, that's gay.
Juliano was cute white trash n. Used as a disparaging term for a white person or white people of low socioeconomic status. n. Poorly educated white people of low so...
192cm for 15 yo
Bulk up. Girls like tall guys, but they rarely like skinny.
Do I look 16?
Too old for the catholic church. But might be old enough for R Kelly to piss on.
Tenz hacking?
So, silverShroud, with real Shroud lan performances?
Sweden Scene
Well yeah, experience is overrated to be honest. But five unknowns won't find a sponsor / big team, because those teams need big names to give their sponsorships value. It's not easy either way. I th...
Sweden Scene
It was the same in Denmark in 1.6 and Source. France and Germany killed themselves the same way, and I suspect it's the main reason NA isn't taken too seriously. I feel like the scene should look tow...
138k watching major...
If comparing viewers on two seperate popular things confuses you, you might want to turn away from HLTV and do your homework. Open a book written in this century maybe..
138k watching major...
Remember that they factor in streaming etc. when publishing those numbers. People actually watching at the time it's aired is much, much lower.