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ISIS =/= Islam
Maybe he means that whole thing about IS aren't "real" muslims because they kill their own or cause mass terrorism. Maybe he does care about the french? Doesn't have to be vocal about it. Maybe he thi...
terrorist attack in Nice France
I hope you're the one that's baiting...
terrorist attack in Nice France
I hope you realize why that would basically start what could possibly be the end of the world and were just really enraged when you wrote that.
terrorist attack in Nice France
Nice stereotyping.
terrorist attack in Nice France
I'm not speaking for him but I'd assume it's because they're people, like you, Splintex, and me. And they need help.
Yeah, I know. It was a rhetorical question toward that guy. Sorry for making you write that.
I understand that he got 2 noscopes and won the round. I understand that is very unlikely. But you were saying before that Liquid won vs Fnatic because luck and then said they won because momentum was...
So then VP are always lucky because they get motivation from the crowd and get momentum?
BOT Bardolph vs Team juliano
But you can't have the average above the middle point. That doesn't make sense. You just end up with wasted numbers. If you're average, you're at the middle. If you're above average, above the middle....
grafitti for s1mple !!
More about celebrating something crazy and memorable.
BOT Bardolph vs Team juliano
Need to fix how you're rating if above average is average.
Can't understand people like this. They always try to look for something and try to make people feel the win wasn't important or legit. "Oh, they'll never get out of groups lol. So what? They only mad...
grafitti for s1mple !!
An awp with a parachute.
Liquid only luck
+1 I'm still kinda salty about those jump shots
this crowd suck so much...
If Liquid made it to finals in MLG, it would have been the same thing.