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eXtatus is thanks to Alza going professional
Queztone is leaving job, so for sure 1000+ eur :) that roster got potential, I hope they don't crack under pressure. Now they can't make any excuses. Immediately when someone from czech or slovak rep....
Don't be ridiculous, everyone knows holy trinity is hungarian, slovak and czech girls. It's unwritten rule regards our population numbers.
oskar viewbot
Yeah, few gram. mistakes makes it barely readable, grow up dude. Point is same, just dont cry when someone is popular and you are not, thats it.
oskar viewbot
Iam sure oski dont need viewer bot and actually he dont care about this kind of stuff, sometimes he have problem to set computer not viewerbot omg :P anyway, he got huge hype around him because of FPL...
Best antyvirus ?
ESET with gamer mode, I was part of the development of this feature so I know what I am talking about. From all variations of AV it's really best choice if you want AV.
Best Video Card <$200?
I would wait a little bit because price of 960 and 970 will go down a lot. GTX 980 Ti is out and what is more important, R9 300x is around the corner. It will for sure drop the price of 960/970 rapidl...
Fraternitas vs ISKOLD
I would really appreciate server with slots FOR COACHES :) thanks
LDLC White vs Fraternitas
The basic and legit advantage of both teams to have coach which can lead/motivate them (like in every tournament now) was denied because? Not enough slots? Any explanation how this can happen in year ...
Building a pc
if you plan to OC, good choice but you need to add also good cooling system and if not, mobo and cpu are unnecessarily expensive.
new gaming glasses
Campaign updated with Guardians review of Pro-Gamer 360 version. He will be testing them on stream and tournaments now and also guys from navi want to test them so stay tuned for more info :) you can ...
new gaming glasses
I am really glad folks from Slovakia try to promote my campaign at indiegogo, anyway i must correct you in few things. First of all, where do you think all those companies (doesnt metter if military o...
sexiest female progamer ?
met her in person at ESWC 2007 , not photoshop at all :) this is promotional photo, ofcorse it looks good but she is really good looking in person also, for sure top3 all time female progamers.
sexiest female progamer ?
Venema, if inactive progamer counts too :
Fraternitas vs FlipSid3
What should i upgrade next?
funny thing is i sold my 2500k today for around 100e , with AMD 7970 and OC to 4.5GHz i got around 300-400 stable FPS :) anyway this chip is best for OC, try to look for used one. Best purchase evaaah...