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who's the greatest conqueror?
idk, i wouldn't count mehmed II as the greatest ottoman conqueror, although he was imo the greatest ottoman ruler all around (and one of the greatest ottoman conquerors), and the conquest of istanbul ...
HLTV looks like a 2000s website
:( i liked them. why do you think they were terrible?
HLTV looks like a 2000s website
would you consider adding blogs back? it was one of the best features in the old hltv in my opinion, also it would benefit the site directly as well, you guys used to do sponsored hardware review blog...
HLTV looks like a 2000s website
blogs were the best part of hltv imo, but they ditched it completely :/
Favorite Games
1. minecraft, because of lots of memories from my childhood, and nowadays i can play some modpacks and still have fun 2. terraria, similar reasons with minecraft but it can also be quite challenging w...
FaZe v NIP
either faze will shit the bed completely or they'll win in 3 maps and multiple overtimes
twitch is slow and clunky as fuck and i don't care about the chat, so youtube for me
Obesity in Europe
turkish people eat bread with everything, including: pasta (sorry, couldn't find a photo) birthday cake
Ketchup on Pizza
i sometimes put a very small amount of ketchup and mayonnaise, i think it's ok with a few types of pizza. but i'll agree that ketchup mostly ruins the pizza
Your weight during quarantine
lost 3kgs even though i've been studying or playing games all day
war movies?
nobody mentioned johnny got his gun so i'll go with that if you're just looking for action there's not much of it but it's a pretty good antiwar film. if you ever listened to metallica's one, both th...
s1mple and GeT_RiGhT
us army is sponsoring not only esports teams, but also many other things games and movies about modern warfare and weapons, so they can attract dumb people that would be willing to "play cod in real l...
Your favorite A:TLA character?
iroh, obviously after that, definitely zuko, mainly because of how he redeemed himself