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SPOTIFY as you said you listen to turkish music here's a turkish playlist from me for a change of pace, not ra...
french csgo youtuber, has mostly mm montagr videos and some educational ones. used to watch him a lot sadly his content feels stale to me now. also has a hub in faceit called european community league...
rain and flamie > ropz ?
yes ropz is better than flamie, but barely. that's why i said they should have swapped places
rain and flamie > ropz ?
he was doing pretty good at the first half of the year even though he couldn't shine as much as s1mple and electronic, though i agree he was pretty mediocre on the other half
rain and flamie > ropz ?
i think rain won't make it, probably flamie is #17 but i think ropz and flamie should have swapped places
teams you like and dislike
like: nip, astralis (i don't want them to win though), navi dislike: g2, vp (excluding pasha, also they don't exist anymore but whatever), mibr
milk in tea
then you haven't had proper breakfast tea my friend
yeah obviously they should get money for their efforts but they should get actual companies instead of shady gambling sites as sponsors. if they ditched all those shitty sites and actually started mod...
Pros on HLTV
they used to, before this place was swarmed by shitty baiters and stuff. not very active though, some comments here and there we even had someone go the other way around, was baiting on hltv then bec...
top-5 igls rn
in no particular order gla1ve gob b nitr0 ange1 lekr0
diff(x^3 * sin(1/cos(x)),x)=?
= [ 3 * x^2 * sin(secx) ] + [ x^3 * cos(secx) * tanx * secx ] typing mathematical stuff is pretty fucking tedious with keyboards
First map you ever played
de_lake in 2013, i used to play shit ton of demolition when i started csgo, for the first 200 hours i only played demolition i also rarely played cs 1.6 back ij the day but don't remember which map i...
6 years and still stupid gameplay
deagle still misses sometimes at mid ranges even when you shoot an unmoving target while crouching
Your goal till 2019
getting into a good uni for me
Greatest empire in history ?
except russia or austria hungary to some extent or ottomans they could've been the superpower of eastern europe but couldn't because of the reasons the guy above said