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Equation that changed the world?
x^2 + y^2 = 1 and so begins trigonometry maybe not the definite best one but i think it's among the best. so simple yet so complex in a way
Your country’s darkest time in history?
probably early 1900s, ottoman empire was at war all the time and was devastated, then we got devastated even more with independence war. so many educated and able bodied people died, its consequences ...
[SMART PEOPLE] Math question
it approaches 1 so in practice you can assume it is 1. however it never does i'll try to explain using limits (basically you try to approach a x value in a function to see where it gets closer to) thi...
game suggestions?
any grand strategy game depending on how much time are you willing to give to learn them (i'd recommend civ5, eu4 and/or ck2, the time you'll need to give is civ<ck2<eu4.) modded minecraft if you like...
Xantares still mad
the guy below is asking him if he thinks idisbalance is the only one cheating
ex-Space Soldiers vs Syman
it's easier to get better positions etc if you know where the enemy is i'm not saying syman is 100% cheaters but that does seem pretty suspicious they should be investigated thoroughly at least, it's...
Tony Black
he changed his name when he was playing for team youporn i think, it's pretty funny actually
Most under/overrated player in ur country?
overrated paz (sometimes good but too inconsistent) underrated imorr (he aced in his first ever round in fpl, and overall seems like a good player)
how good was fifflaren
fifflaren was the one doing the dirty work, like styko in mouz until recently, he even igld so xizt could shine, and helped all other players shine. also he seems like a nice guy, i think he also help...
G2 vs Space Soldiers
ss i think
Space Soldiers vs NiP
200 iq maj3r was saving strats in blast istanbul for online matches
pros no one remember
lol didn't even notice this was an old thread, just saw it on the right side
pros no one remember
other people wrote every forgotten player i could think of so here's the original space soldiers lineup (only xantares is left from the original one) only e1 tugux (still kinda relevantish in turkish...
pros no one remember
lol i remember he was spamming blogs here trying to clear his name
New Mouse for CS:GO
i'm using logitech g402, it looks slightly bigger than the rival 300 but i'm not sure