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Panorama UI
+1 Dota UI with Panorama is 1000 times better than this BF1 style.
[+18] my girlfriend left me
10/10 troll
gamer pc
For CS even 100 euro card is enough to get average 200-300 fps on 5vs5. Just go for good CPU.
W0xic Rage on PubG
Playing pubg playing 3rd person mode LOL
i need faceit points
Then you will get deported.
please help guys!!
What movie you like so people can recommend you. And today movie industry sux. I don't remember last time I watch a movie I only watch tv shows now lol.
i need faceit points
Go with ESEA north and south Americans.
Reddit lol...
HLTV is nothing better it's even worst.
Windows 10
Windows 7 is best. Today Windows 10 looks bloated with useless stuff that doesn't need for people who just wants to game and browse the internet. It's more like tablet os rather than desktop version.
gamer pc
With today expensive graphics card I would recommend you go pre-build or buy a console.
PUBG eSports
If didn't play a game I would not talk about it. Would make no sense to talk about a game that I didn't play.
PUBG eSports
A badly optimized game, camper fiesta, random dying by campers no skills involved at all. Huge maps that make match boring to watch or play.
PUBG is good bad it big maps made game boring and stupid. In pubg you loot for half hour and just when you get the gear you die by some camper while Fortnite have small map and not many campers. Game...
Deathadder Elite
Belive me its not sensitive, maybe when you clicking\shooting you doing it hard and it broke.
how islam became widespread
Dont care for gramar mistakes!