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Veteran Enemy-Territory pleyer.

Won numerous one day cups with my m8s sebi and varadi.
Won some lower leagues in ET
Played for Team-Hungary 4-5 seasons (idk exactly)
Played Eurocup with some baguettes.
Biggest achievement is probably a ClanBase Opencup Premier win with an international team.

current opinion: QL>ET>CSGO>OW
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Math Quiz
2:37 YOU GOT 100% Welcome to perfect town. Population: You! lul
R8 ass 18+
R8 ass 18+
8/10 right there
NiKo 200 iq <3
yup if you happen to play with a BOT u just need to suck forsome years to get him kicked
cheat recommendation thread
cheating in 2019 LUL
Punish my sister
deepthroat obviously
Man 182cm girl 178cm
wat? no one said that
Krimz insane aim
ah you are baiting OK didnt notice it first my bad
Krimz insane aim
this can happen to anybody. also sometimes you just don't focus enough if you think a shot is easy, and you just whiff.
Fer Girlfriend
girl has nice curves, but apart from that she is pretty average.
s1mple never changed
tbh simple still can't understand that toxicity won't ever benefit the team. It does not motivate anyone, it does not help at all. If someone has a bad game u just gotta accept it. You can encourage t...
f0rest future
this "reaction time decays" stuff is such bullshit. honestly if you practice consistently every day then your reaction time won't get worse. When i checked my father's reaction time when he was 50yo, ...
Do besiktas get paid?
they can afford to sit all day on their asses and practice 8+ hours a day, yet they struggle to get ROUNDS against semi-pro teams who can only play part-time because they need to have an actual job al...
Do besiktas get paid?
+1 HAHA public service announcement :)
Do besiktas get paid?
lets make an all trans team, and our only job would be to be better than the best female team, which is... well, its quite impossible to be worse than them. as fucked up world as it is, this all tran...