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Veteran Enemy-Territory pleyer.

Won numerous one day cups with my m8s sebi and varadi.
Won some lower leagues in ET
Played for Team-Hungary 4-5 seasons (idk exactly)
Played Eurocup with some baguettes.
Biggest achievement is probably a ClanBase Opencup Premier win with an international team.

current opinion: QL>ET>CSGO>OW
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this one is pretty well executed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7-tkkcC6d0
scream says s1mple and twistzz not top 5 aimers
maybe he meant "best aim" as not the most efficient, but "most beautiful to watch" - as he mentions this several times in the video. Also i somewhat think he is right. Simple's strenght is mostly cros...
If random guys harass me on the internet i just don't fuckin care because I know its bullshit. So why does it hurt her that randoms talk trash about her? Because she knows she is guilty. And even if...
No idea what happened but redeye looks like a cool dude, while Banks is someone i'd punch right in the face.
Female Esports.
Men are just more competitive. Competition is men's nature, while women does not enjoy competing that much i think. Even if esport does not have a physical aspect, there is still the mental aspect of ...
Zywoo most loved and respected player
messi = goat ronaldo = noob zywoo = messi = goat
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
just stopping by to say zywo>simple Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev 55-49 +6 71.9 74.7% 1.12 Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut 67-51 +16 85.9 73.4% 1.26
cs has no aim
Well, its true actually. Games like quake, overwatch, fortnite are more aim heavy games. But also CS has the highest competition, thats why the best csgo players are solid in other fps games.
Do attractive people have an easier life?
obviously easier yes. the reason why non attractive people can have huge success also (if u think getting rich or famous is success), because they need to work hard on themself. Most attractive peop...
Dignitas vs Complexity
so friberg could not hit a low hp player who was not even looking on him lul
I just want a gf
If you are tall and somewhat handsome and overall masculine, then just don't give a shit about women. Treat them as they are nothing special, you can think of them as male buddies. But when you see th...
Frankie hot?
1 - most (pro) gamers are socially awkward 2 - it is an interview situation with high publicity, so they are even more nervous, and they just try to concentrate on not saying anything stupid. they ca...
5 global elite vs Astrails(only 50hp each one)
Astralis would win easily, but the "globals" would win some rounds, just because they are too unexpectedly random for a pro team.