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Age 30
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Veteran Enemy-Territory pleyer.

Won numerous one day cups with my m8s sebi and varadi.
Won some lower leagues in ET
Played for Team-Hungary 4-5 seasons (idk exactly)
Played Eurocup with some baguettes.
Biggest achievement is probably a ClanBase Opencup Premier win with an international team.

current opinion: QL>ET>CSGO>OW
Forum posts
French scene
wanted to write "no one cares about french scene", then i saw the wall of texts lUl but honestly i couldn't care less
2 or 4, both mouz and faze can be nr1 team with simple
have you ever seen gay irl?
personally think its disgusting but what can u do lul
Why do pros use low resolutions?
Im just saying most of the pros use low res because of this placebo effect. there is no logical reason why a fullhd clean picture would be worse than 800x600 for example which looks terrible on today'...
Why do pros use low resolutions?
this is how the human brain works. They played 1.6 on shitty crt monitors with 800x600 or at best 1024x768 resoluton. They became pro with these settings. Now they switch to a new game, new monitor....
SmithZz is good.
he was already bad in 2015. since then 3 years passed with players constantly playing and training on the highest level, while he just played casually at best. there is no way he can fit in a top tea...
SmithZz is good.
rly weak bait thread, 1/8 for the effort tho
k1to banned
rofl, im free to call you a fucking monkey, how is it a crime???
nt makeilulelele
GameAgents vs Imperial
promising team xd
R8 my GF and I
guy 4/10, grill 7/10
Just a normal day in my pizzaria
lul, they actually murdered them
1 - true 2 - true 3 - idk 4 - probably true, especially VP 5 - nop, they will rise again
WWIII hype
make a petition for ww3 to be fought through e-sports
how to hide a corpse
exactly, use science water fills bottle, amazon=water, put the corpse in a bottle, amazon will go there and fill it