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SK vs Cloud9
EZ triggerbot no scope from Fallen to clutch it.
SK vs Cloud9
It is really sad that great game like CS:GO got filled of pro hackers and people still support it. I guess that is how industries work. They build themselves then do everything to keep being alive. ...
SK vs Cloud9
If you ever want to play against some hackers, schedule a game vs SK. They'll let you win 13 rounds with their hacks off, then they'll turn them on.
The caster kind of laughing about it.
fallen finally exposed
kek, true
Liquid vs fnatic
Well done for Liquid, pretty beautiful CS from my cute boy Elige. Fnatic, eat a dick. That's what happens to people who over talk dumb stuff.
Chile vs Venezuela
He was the team captain. Besides the poor Internet from our country the fact that teams play with such a huge difference of pings affects the normal evolution of the match.
Ecuador vs Venezuela
Pretty shitty game. Ecuador threw from the beginning. That CT who got killed by a molotov on A site on Dust2. No smokes thrown on A site as terrorists on Mirage. Widow only getting 1 good awp kill ...
Ecuador vs Venezuela
What happened to the streams?
Ecuador vs Venezuela
Good luck to Venezuela. They actually had a good start last year vs Perú, but they wasted it by making some dumb mistakes.
Ecuador vs Venezuela
To difference the flags as you say, since, yeah, the countries have kind of the similar history when they liberated themselves from the Spanish
Envy vs mousesports
top keke if envy loses
Envy vs
TSM vs fnatic
Semphis eating dicks as always.
FaZe vs Liquid
Why koosta can't play?