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100T possible roster?
Buyout some team, like from NRG to EG.
Fire alarm
Name ? Was with bass and without vocal.
Fire alarm
first song after the pause name, please ?
CR4ZY ScreaM
If these players are good, the french teams would keep them...
Too much write. EG won in group stage against Astralis and after that sucks.
GamerLegion made full swedish roster. I doubt it, until big failures to qualify to LAN or not make it to at least MAIN Qualifier next MAJOR. Or ScreaM and HS are replaced, one of them because injury ?
Yes, entry stats i can see, but i don't know for which rifle player to put. Like a CT and T its random/ for time to time . I should for future fantasy put 2 AWP players - one Main AWp and one entry fr...
Almost. I am not pretty sure about roles for Magisk and Ethan. I don't know how to see rating for ONE Cite on map. I don't follow who is better - CT or T. Or which rifle player can be good entry frag...
Should be good choice, but which one i don't know - two Liquid and Astralis players, because weak opponents in opening matches. https://www.hltv.org/fantasy/23/league/61854/team/362947 my choice. I ca...
Honestly, every time thought, i had the best team, but i am far behind. So i don't want to let you down. I don't think it's good idea for NiKo and Allu. Because they are now IGL.
Bad choice. Because if you had 3 top performer, gold players and make a lot points, he slides you down.
Yeah, especially in new team. I made that mistake in BLast Pro Series Moscow.
Coldzera most picked player. Hmm...
Thank you FaZe
It's not the reason, which haven't have yet fantasy. If they want to make fantasy will not include FaZe clan or the 5th player. After the end of ESL One NY, will start DM Masters Malmo. There is 16 ...
i am not talking about homo, just in Bulgaria and not only here have some "street language" Like for a example in USA between boys say " what up bro" and between girls here say also "what up bro"