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NaVi choke
sad but true =(
yeah it is, its some kind of mandarin from the ocident lol, but you dont need to be veeeery good at it to comunicate w/ people, unless you want to really know the locals, culture, etc... but outside t...
exactly, you are not obliged to always speak well or keep silent when your team loses, constructive criticism is part of the process of a true fan. you just need to separate/ignore good criticism from...
LOL, exaclty, u cant say bad things about the player you dont like just because they play on your fav team?!?!!? WTF
Liquid vs Chaos
lmaaaaaao the odds were insane after the first map
FURIA > Made in Brazil
I think he was never under contract with MIBR, it was a loan, but im not really sure of that info
FURIA > Made in Brazil
That's not difficult nowadays. Rip Lucas1 btw.
trump tweet
Fallout 5 hype
FaZe vs MIBR
FUCKING FINALLY, even though mibr are not in the best shape, we know they have the potential to be one of the very best.... and dont forget that they will give their lifes to not lose for Cold
FaZe vs MIBR
Lol, 2 idk and neither will check, but one I'm sure they played.... when BUG clan passed 3-0 only playing inferno
your phone?
ikr? the baterry is awesome, I was travelling this weekend watching a lot of videos and playing games (8hours) and I could keep doing that for a long time
your phone?
Mi A3, it arrived yesterday
Alma vs Keyd
Ez 4 skinny showtime
Isurus vs INTZ.Academy
Maxcel hax confirmed