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Most ugliest/retarted language?
Job salary age?
HSE Advisor $11000/Month 30
CoD Infinite Warfare
Looks like shit.
Name 1 thing your country invented
The deception started in Canada... The first WonderBra was the "WonderBra - Push Up Plunge Bra" invented in 1963 by Canadian designer, Louise Poirier.
DaZeD :"(
They should be showing that level of motivation in order to get unbanned.
DaZeD :"(
When you are on the outside trying to win your way back in, not being a toxic asshole would certainly help your cause.
DaZeD :"(
DaZeD :"(
Well when he says stupid shit like he didn't think there would be consequences (because he didn't think he'd get caught, obviously) and acts like a raging douche more often than not, I feel like the l...
DaZeD :"(
Fuck Dazed. Sleep in the bed he made for himself.... If he wasn't such a massive assturd I might have pity on him.
Thorin is clueless
The only time i've actually been really impressed by a CSGO analyst is when c9 got knocked out in groups for the 131st time a couple of Summers ago and Seangeres went behind the desk. Best displa...
I'm Canadian, AMA!
Blue plaid or red?
if u were banned from the csgo pro scene
What is the best country in the world?
Obviously Canada....
Freakazoid OUT of C9 !!!!!
c9 never did fill the void that Hiko left. Now they also need leadership since sgares departure. I like c9 but they are doomed to fail. How much time do they have left on their current contra...
Summit1G, go pro again?
Pretty sure the reason there are not as many older gamers has more to do with gaming not being a viable source of income long term (rather that reaction time going to shit), so most people in their la...