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Dignitas vs c0ntact
BIG vs mousesports
ofc bro i have no doubt, imagine having 1000 fps u probably would destroy s1mple and be hltv top 1 easily
BIG vs mousesports
Yeah man if u had a gaming chair, a good keyboard and mouse, 500 fps you would easily be faceit 10 level and rek everyone, gaming chair gives u +10 in skill so it makes sence
BIG vs mousesports
T side got 3 kills which 2 of them from ecoing big with usps, useless, maybe start watching the game Also fuck hltv :You haven't been active recently and cannot post replies repeatedly within five mi...
BIG vs mousesports
Bymas useless shit still won kinda impressive
Astralis vs G2
+1 the only player in top5 not getting boosted stats with awp
G2 vs MIBR
Lmao love this "armanek is such a smart player" starts running in mid makes sound and dies hahaha
no dedicated bottom frager - taco, no eco frager fer, and some motivated players made it better no suprise
GODSENT vs Heroic
All 4 of the godsent players need to have godlike games to actualy win againts top teams, with bot krystal on the team
BIG vs FaZe
rain is fucking dogshit
Copenhagen Flames vs Illuminar
Snax good morning, its time to wake up already
Lyngby Vikings vs Dignitas
Dafaq just get a normal pro player to standin, these fuckers dont give a fuck at all about winning
Heroic vs Dignitas
Heap never played againts tier 1/2/3 teams LOL he only have 18 maps in record againts tier 100 mix teams lmao, wdf are u talking, but yeah he probably will be ass
Endpoint vs mousesports
its hard to win even againts shit teams when u have 2 bots putting 35adr each