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My IRL name is Emil (Born 07.12.1996), I used to have 97k+ profile hits and huge guestbook, before the global hltv update.
Visit for more details & features.
I have top5 karma on HLTV:
My nickname story:
Coach of Gambit Academy hard IRL fights w/ players & manager:
Legendary REASTEN blog by me: 50/15 my k/d record 16-14 win ( never forget)
the legendary tag above in my print (also check my YT for keba's csgo fragshows edited by me)
keba is here: I won mm vs ScreaM livestream (topfrag, it was in the start of 2015)
When I played, I was GE since 2013 and 10lvl master league faceit, but I have been retired, but u can check my YT for fragmovies (csgo & 1.6), also edited FOR ENCE. (suNny & Juho) Check my channel below! #eläke
Also legendary movie CIS.GO - About me, edited my kRRR^ (Na'Vi & HLTV editor):
Related topic:
Jonathan E confirms that my behaviour is good: Also check 1st page of my GB for signs :)

r8 my mom's shirt and my bottle, if u want:
My autism test score:
Whats ur score?
Post ur PC specs here:
Check ur HLTV meme knowledge aswell:
HLTV meme quiz 100/100 certificate:
I interviewed Lobanjica a bit:
Olofmeister checked my hltv topic:
Our conversation about it:
I interviewed ropz: coloN the legend is back!
Draken's dad is a millionaire: Allu's balls never forget <3 HLTV 1.6 stats of pros HLTV rules

Now lets not be rude boys, there is a fine line between sarcasm and hurting someone's feelings. You should always be careful of people feelings. You never know when one of your close friends or someone you randomly meet online could suffer from depression, your words might lead them to the sadness. (c) cox

huge credit for "ntfakeflagger" aka dayik this hacker helped me w/ backup of my blogs ;)
So, my blogs will live forever in web archives :>

Regards :^)
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