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weight loss
The amount of broscience here..lmao. I dont know what shape are you currently in, but its best to start going to the gym in the process. Loosing weight itself is a good idea, but while exercising espe...
weight loss
Note:Staying away from fats while losing weight will just result in even lower testosterone levels aswell as other hormone disbalance
k1o gf redhead
Jon snow is dead?
Its time to read cringy got fanboys shit again
[18+] If you could have sex with any celebrity
I haven't really watched that much movies with her. In fact, I think I've only watched Interstellar with her. Seen her only on interviews/shows, and oh boy, is that a goddess.
[18+] If you could have sex with any celebrity
Yeah I definetely get what you are saying. I think its because she looks and acts classy most of the times. Anyway, I'd say I've never seen a more beautifull woman than her and I've seen a lot of them...
[18+] If you could have sex with any celebrity
Anne Hathaway. Hands down to the hottest celebrity
Breaking Bad
I had to skip literally every scene with Skyler at some point.. Also the plot is average at best. The only cool thing in the series was Jesse (thats what hes called right?) and the ending was badass...
simulation world?
Yeah. Fuck real girls, i' rather cartoon waifus anyday of the week
Best feeling?
I dont quite remember my first cig but I remember when I was a little kiddo when I was smoking cigs with much older dudes and I was puking the shit out of me. And now I'm a regular smoker. Dont touch ...
Best feeling?
First time getting stoned hands down
kennyS isn't overrated
Its not only the fact that he had 30 kills every game that is amazing.. He was pulling unreal flickshots//quickscopes/noscopes and insane plays overall. He still does that cuz his skill is insane but ...
Haven't drank any fancy whiskeys just the common ones that are sold in the clubs around here (JB, jameson,jack daniels, jim beam and etc) and all of them taste like the same shit for me.
list god tier movies
I was talking about uruk hai in particular. Arent they a different race?
list god tier movies
Those were my first thoughts that most of lotr fans come from the books. Also a small thing that I didn't like was that the main characters were super strong like a dwarf and hobits just obliterate ur...