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Best dog breed for depressed person
Read my reply above or better, buy yourself one :)
Best dog breed for depressed person
Yeah. Well I guess walking outside would only help a depressed person, right? Id say its a perfect choice cuz they love you to death, love to cuddle and really funny sometimes. I would not reccomend a...
Best dog breed for depressed person
My boi Max (husky) is almost 11 now and still acts as a baby. Best dog ever
Best dog breed for depressed person
Dr. Disrespect wins "Streamer Of The Year 2019"
Do you like Jews?
Havent et a single jew in my entire life so cant tell
Why do you use Chrome?
4/5 yrs ago I had problems with firefox. It was lagging like absolute crap, tried everything to fix it and I couldnt. Been using Chrome ever since and it works perfectly
Prolly talking about house stuff I guess
Wet dream = breaking no fap?
Ofcourse not. That process is called pollution. Tho it feels kinda bad like youve cheated on yourself
Mann omg if a girl did this to me i would cum in my pants immediately
27 days nofap (personal record).
Day 74 of no fap As I exited my vehicle to walk into work I caught scent of a female in heat 73.35 meters upwind. Because of the fog I couldn’t see her yet but judging by the scent she was mid twenti...
27 days nofap (personal record).
If you have problems with porn then thats the best thing you can do.
how to get interest back from a girl
Whip your dick out and tell her to pounce on it
Gender and sex
Are u uolp to a mmf or mfm threesome?
Favorite food
Im a potato addict so anything with potatoes really.