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Greatest moment in csgo history???
MUST be chiken raiding the NiP vs envyus lobby in Katowice 2015.
True detective
You forgot to watch the good then lol
Your irrational fears?
Cockroaches. Im 20 and I can proudly say I still run like a chiken if I see a cockroach
Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul
Im actually upset there are people above 13 who are interested in this kind of circus
DOTA2, LOL players come here
Do you q mid with 5k behavior score? Lmao
DOTA2, LOL players come here
I played lol for a month in 2016. Was quite fun for the first week and then it felt kinda repetitive tbh. Childish graphics and not verry impressive spell animations, although i dont care much about t...
Faceit ELO system doesnt work.
Its a pretty straight forward system. You are better than the 9 shitters in the server, you climb. Theres no work around and thats how it should be.
Faceit ELO system doesnt work.
Stopped reading when you included Astralis players in a talk about pug platform. Not willing to type a shitload of text so im gona put it shortty: If you are considering yourself to be remotely decen...
Real Madrid news
Do you have any news when is Peres getting imprisoned and giving back the last 3 CL'S? thanks.
Do you have a job?
Not with czech chicks all around you
Do you have a job?
Gon be a 3rd summer in a row working as a lifeguard. Should be starting in 3 weeks and im looking forward to it.
what do you do when bored?
I ussualy go to some beautifull Park with young girls/lone moms and wait in the bushes with my boxers down. I just come out to say hi but for some reason they run like im an alien or some shit. Socie...
most annoying stereotype of your country
Tbh ive heard some shenanigans happening but never knew they were notorious in jermany