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joe biden
What has quarantine done to you
Almost went insane playing dota 2 and sleeping all day long. Some eating and beers there and there. Also I would sleep from 9-10 AM to like 19/20PM. Back to work now and no dota since ~30 days. I thi...
SHiPZ transformation
He most likely ran out of the money he stole around 2014-15
Buying a Gaming PC!!
Im about to purchase a band new parts and build it myself but im scared of damaging the CPU((it seems like the hardest thing to install). Most likely I'll just tell them to build it for me as its fre...
Unless ur friend is giving you away his card or extremely cheap, dont buy it
Wet dream
REAL mom porn >
Wet dream
Maybe your mother jacked you off while u were sleeping? Sounds hot af
Drinking a cold beer or two after work. Feels soo fucking good after an exhausting day at work. I like drinking only beer and red wine. Whiskey and vodka only when I'm out with the Boys and we getting...
russian cs
lmao in level 10 everyone is trying to win dont be delusional
russian cs
Well my experience with germans is either horribly bad players/ cheaters, or a fuck who doesnt even wanna play cs at all but bragging and explaining why Germany is sucha great country and so on. Hows...
What Are You Reading?
Dale Carnegie - how to make friends and influence people. Not gonna lie,I dont read much. If im reading then its some self-improvement book because everytime I try to read something else I become tota...
europeans corn
Bosna je srbia
europeans corn
Thats nothing bro. Soucre: Born and raised in Alabama.
europeans corn
The best part is you can just wash it and eat it again.
Swedes lie about supporting refugees
I would let them come to my house just to shoot them down with my M4 carabine for trespassing. God bless America and gun laws