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Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Two thirty bombers in a loss that didn't go to overtime. Can't happen often
when is usa election
5 years, almost to the day!
HenryG and vENdetta
dat bump tho
Im seriously so mad right now
Well argued.
Im seriously so mad right now
For the life of me I didn't understand that was what you meant since you wrote "send"... I don't exactly have the mandate to tell them to go or not to go to a refugee camp, let alone to "send" them to...
Im seriously so mad right now
No I wouldn't voluntarily, because why the fuck would I? They are far better off where they are. I don't wish a life in a refugee camp upon anyone. I'm sure you have a point (well, I would think so...
Im seriously so mad right now
Yeah I'm sure you did you egotistical, incompassionate narcissist. "Where they belong" implying the utter coincidence of being born on a certain piece of land gives you the right to exclude other peop...
Im seriously so mad right now
Typically when you demonstrate an obvious lack of knowledge on the topic of discussion, your credibility is understandably undermined. It seems to me you just guessed how the decision-making process o...
Im seriously so mad right now
Dude. 1. Votes in the EU parliament don't follow country lines but party lines. I.e. Civic Platform would vote as for instance Merkel's CDU while PiS would vote as for instance the Conservatives (r...
lel bump
camera operator???
Agreed, it's been really bad the whole tournament. Very annoying!
Tomorrowland 2016
Tomorrowland 2016
-adreN +koosta
If anything you should "let" him be on a team with people on the level he deserves. He clearly has sick potential so why do you want to hinder his chances of fulfilling it?